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Squirrel Defence Mechanisms I: Introduction

All creatures on earth follow a distinct cycle called the food chain. This chain indicates that every creature is a prey to another much more superior creature. And this cycle constantly reels on and on forever and it will never stop unless there is some sort of an external superior force that will disrupt the cycle. The cycle in itself is a balance among all creatures, in terms of predation and population control. Through this cycle, it is ensured that there will be no species that will become predominant than the other, thus the balance in our ecosystems. Serious problems will arise if a disruption will occur in the balance cycle. If one species will become predominant over the other, the other species will not survive as well in terms in their resources. Eventually, the predominant species will no longer have anything to eat anymore since they have already subdued whatever is left available for them. For example, if spiders have gone extinct, then its predators, like squirrels, rats and lizards will no longer have anything to eat anymore since their primary source of food has already gone extinct.

Eventually, due to diet deprivation, these animals will also begin to dwindle in number until they go extinct. There may be a possibility though that the species will not die or go extinct because they have undergone through adaption and evolution. If a species that normally feed on carnivorous diet, will no longer have anything to feed themselves anymore, they may find a way to alter their diet systems and feed on whatever is left available for them. Carnivorous animals may eventually evolve into herbivores in the future due to the scarcity of resources, it would force them to eat grass or any plant materials since it's the only thing left. However, the process of evolution would take a very long while and are often even unsuccessful as the evolution may meet some absolute obstacles in the way. Thus we have extinction. Extinction is basically the inability of species to adapt in the environmental deprivations that take place every now and then. Because they are unable to adapt in these changes, their species will eventually be removed from the system.

However, with the rate of deprivation going on at present due to the massive influx of technological advancements and commercialization at the same time, couple with human intervention upon the cost of profiteering, a lot of species in the world have become close to extinction and are considered already endangered and ought to be protected in highest priorities. The occurrence of habitat restorations to preservation parks and the culturing of niches are just the recent counter measures of concerned humanity to balance the collapsing equations of balance in the environment. Without these proactive countermeasures, a lot of species would have already gone extinct and it wouldn't be long until the entire human race would follow the dinosaurs into their doom. The criticality of the environmental situations right now is appaling and has to be deal with accordingly and right away.

Among the species that are close extinction already are the squirrels. The squirrels have long been a favorite target to a lot of poachers, especially during poaching seasons even if there has been already some prohibition implemented and promulgated in certain states. Apparently, poachers don't seem to pay any heed certain policies and continue infringe them as long as they satiate their personal desires and wants. And right now this is what's happening to the squirrel race as they actually dramatically dwindle in number. It would only be a matter of time now until the entire squirrel race will be wiped out from the face of the earth.

A squirrel's life is posed into many dangers not only with human intervention but also to their fellow animals. Predators of squirrels are often placing squirrels on top of their list of prey, primarily because squirrels are weak and feeble creatures and they are often slow to escape thus giving an opportunity for their predators an easy catch. In light of these predation processes, squirrels have evolved and eventually developed certain traits that would protect them from the hungers of their predators. These traits are actually behaviors that serve as defence mechanisms for squirrels. These defence mechanisms would somehow ensure squirrels that they will escape certain death, however there are still those times their efforts would become futile since they are just so small in comparison to those species that are after them. Nevertheless, their efforts to defend themselves would regularly take effect on their predators and would definitely save them another lifetime more to live on in search for food instead of them being the food to be served to their predators.

Squirrels' defence mechanism behaviors may depend on what type of squirrel or the type of predator they are faced upon with. They could either choose to fight or flee and that would completely depend on what sort of threat there is. A squirrel can have dozens of defence mechanisms to get away from a fight and they could just easily and conveniently live through another day because of these behaviors. For example, a unique behavior of heating up the tail among Californian ground squirrels has enabled them to fight back against the attacks of their known predators, the rattlesnake and often these defence mechanisms have saved them from the certainty of death from their arch enemies.

Before we could move on into discussing about the defence mechanisms that squirrels possesses, let's first talk about the key points of these discussion and they could all be summed into three essentially basic questions that would define the entire idea of squirrel's defence mechanisms. Here are the questions:

1) First question is how do certain predators threaten the squirrels? The fear may be the same but the process of how to instil the fear may differ from each predator.

2) Second question is what are the different defence mechanisms of squirrels? As it can be deduced that they would practically differ from each other.

3) Third would be how some squirrels would use a heated tail. This is perhaps the most common or generic defence among squirrels and we have to therefore discuss them.
to be continued...
squirrel extermination