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More Squirrel Control Methods: Using Traps

Perhaps the most conventional method (perhaps even the most ancient) to deal with pests is the use of traps. Traps have been found to be truly effective since time immemorial that's why most people use them even up to until now. However, the technology of trap has continuously evolved throughout time as well and has become more efficient and effective in its present forms of innovation. Traps are more automated and less mechanical nowadays that you need not to go through the painstaking process of setting them up anymore. All you have to do is place them in the right or appropriate locations and leave them there to do the rest of the job. Human factor is almost no longer considerable in the applications of traps usage as more sophisticated mechanisms and robotics have already replaced human functionality. They have been found to be more efficient and less erroneous in terms of quality output; in short, they get the job done. However, there are still traps that remain to be manual or human operated and a lot of people are still using them. It doesn't mean that they are not effective though. In fact, they may prove to be the most effective tools of the trade still if used properly and they would definitely work much better than any automated traps of the present. Human factor remains to be sublime in terms of ascertaining the effectiveness of a mechanical device such as traps and making sure they deliver the desired output.

It is therefore implied that there is a certain process on which a manual trap would become truly effective and it needs time and effort for it to be properly executed. Apart from the time and effort factor, of course the human factor should be underscored; a part where you play. You are the crucial determinant whether the trap will truly become effective or not.

On Ensnaring Squirrels

Squirrels may not be the most prevailing pests in residential household and are also not the most destructive, however, they still pose certain threats to the house as well as to its members. With that said, there is still the need to properly get rid of them such that they will not cause any inconvenience to you and the other members of your household. In order to do that, you would have to employ pest control methods that are effective and efficient to ensure that you wouldn't have to go through anymore with the hassles of dealing with pest damages in the long run.

Squirrels are pretty agile animals and they move a lot making them a bit more difficult to deal with. You may use poisons or any chemical based pest control toxins to deal with them but in return of the efficiency and effectiveness it provides, they also serve side-effects on a dish, endangering your health and the other's wellbeing as well. Using chemicals will only be okay if there's sufficient assistance from an experienced individual on pest extermination or professionals. The latter would entail considerable amount of expenses and that wouldn't be practical anymore. You have to find other means to deal with the pests without having to endanger anybody or going the extra mile in your expenses. There are things that come cheap.

That's why, we will be using traps in this article to capture and rid of the squirrel problems inside the house. Tips on using traps as squirrel control will be elaborated in the following discussions and you must pay close attention to the reminders that will be told in this article as well.

Using Traps

Using traps isn't all free. Sometimes you don't get to have the liberty to use certain traps in certain states as there specific places that implement particular ordinances that prohibits the use of certain traps. This is the first important reminder. Make sure you conform with people in authority about your usage of traps. If you don't and then you found out later that you're using a prohibited trap, squirrels won't be the only ones who will be in the cage for some time. A little phone call will truly save you a lot of trouble.

Another consideration when using traps is the gestation periods of the female squirrels. With that you would also have to take into consideration the season of the year as the gestation of females is seasonal. A female squirrel would normally give birth to a litter of 3-4 baby squirrels every early spring or sometimes in the fall as well. If you trap and relocate the mother squirrels, it would separate her from her young. The young squirrels will then be left to die as they can't live their dwellings without their mother. If you leave these young squirrels to die, not only have you committed a heartless act, you also risk the possibility of stinking your house with the dead squirrels' stench. You have to think thoroughly first before you execute the trapping right away.

When purchasing traps, you have to make sure that the traps you buy are suitable to the type of squirrels that are infesting your house. You can't buy a mini-sized trap when you're squirrels are the size of a cow, that would be ludicrous. In order to avoid the problems of wrong purchasing, you have to do some investigative works first. Make sure you find out first what types of squirrels are infesting your house, and the range of their sizes. This is important to consider in order to appropriate the type of traps you will purchase.

Often traps come with instructions and therefore you must read them first before using the trap right away. Hazards would be just around the corner waiting for your undoing and they will often deliver the harshest accidents ever. Read and understand the instructions carefully so that you won't have to worry anymore about impending accidents to carelessness.

When entrapping squirrels, the process would usually entail the use of baits. Make sure though that the baits you will be using aren't just any leftovers in the tables. Know the squirrels' diet first and use their favorite dishes to invite them over the traps. Usually, peanut butter would do the trick.
squirrel extermination