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Flying Squirrels as Pets

While most people believe that squirrels are no good as pets some people whoever still believes that they're the cutest thing ever. In fact, squirrels are cute, no doubt about it, except of course of those few people who think that they are the scariest things ever, there's just absolutely nothing we can do about it. But let's just focus on the bright side first and talk about the plausibility of having a squirrel as pet.

Squirrels are actually good animals to have as pets. They are plush and cuddly; they almost resemble your most favorite stuff toy only that they do actually live. And what could be better than having a real live thing to have around to hold and cuddle. What's even more inviting when you choose to have squirrels as pet in your house is that they are absolutely portable. Since their size isn't something so considerable at all, you could just simply place your pet squirrel in your pocket and have it around anywhere you go. Another advantage with having squirrels as pet is that fact they are very docile and they like to hang around their owners once they have already been introduced to the feeling of domestication. It would even make you love them more once you get around with the fact that they don't litter a lot. Unlike the usual pets like dogs and cats that mess up a lot of things inside the house, the even poop a lot which could really make your house stink so much that it would really make you feel like you just want to leave right away and stay away as far as you could from the stink.

Enough said about the advantages of having squirrels around, let's talk about which squirrels are the most ideal to have around the house. There are about 250 species of squirrels in the world and you can just pick any of them to have around. However, there are those that would remarkably catch your attention and interest and therefore, they should be the one you should go for whenever you feel like having squirrels to have around. Also, there are certain species of squirrels that are apparently not conducive for domestication as they posses certain wild traits that could make them quite annoying to domesticate. These types of squirrels should be avoided and left along in the wild. Another danger to these wild types of squirrels is the possibility that they may possess dangerous communicable diseases that will not only put you at harm but also everyone inside your household.

One of the best types of squirrels to have around the house as pets are the flying squirrels. Flying squirrels are those type of squirrels that have skin membranes attached from the wrist of their fore limbs to their hind legs. They use these skin membranes to glide through trees in cases when they would have to transfer from one location to another. From that behavior, we can say therefore that tree squirrels are tree type squirrels. But even if they are actually tree type squirrels, it doesn't necessarily mean they are unsusceptible for household domestication.

Here's a brief background on flying squirrels that you may use as reference and guide in your future decisions of purchasing one as pet.

Southern Flying Squirrels

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The scientific name of a flying squirrel is Glaucomys volans and most of them are expected to live as long as 10-12 years in existence. They still belong to the family sciuridae, the same family as the other squirrels, chipmunks and prairie dogs belong. Their sizes would on range from around 8-10 inches from nose tip to tail tip and they could only practically weigh to about 2-4 ounces.

Flying squirrels are commonly distributed around the southern and eastern parts of United States. However there are certain instances that you can find them flying in the wilds of central parts of U.S. just that there are only very few of them around these places and seeing them would be quite rare. If you want one, you can just outright visit the mentioned places above. You also have to take into consideration the legality of acquiring these squirrels as pests as there are certain cases where some states in US prohibits the domestication of the squirrels and that they are better off left in the wild. There are states as well that would only allow domestication of the critter upon the issuance of a permit. Without that permit, you may never be able to own one at all. It is best that you research first and know whether you are allowed to keep on as pet or not. You may happen to live in a state where domesticating squirrels is not allowed, then you may have to relocate to some other place first where it's okay.

Flying squirrels have tendency to develop the docility towards humans, especially if they are already domesticated while they are still young. They would like to hang around with their owners climbing and playing and sleeping in the owner's pocket. They are quite timid and would often like to fondled or caressed every once in a while.

Flying squirrels are naturally nocturnal. This means they are normally active at night and sleep or rest at daytime. However, it doesn't necessarily mean as well that they can't learn to become active at day. Most domesticated flying squirrels learn to be active at day to play around with their owners and participate in any pet activities provided that they have bonding pouches or pockets where they could rest. Flying squirrels membrane serves as a gliding device for them to transfer from one location to another. The distance they could travel would reach as far as 150 feet but only in a downward position. If there isn't that much height to take into consideration, then they won't go far in each glide.

Flying squirrels are easy to feed as their main diet is based on nuts and seeds. Often they eat fruits and smaller insects all of which are not that difficult to find at all.
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