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Squirrel Prevention for Beginners

If you happen to have a squirrel problem in the house, you need not to worry because you can certainly get rid of that problem at any time. Just make sure that you don't drag too long before taking any actions on them or you might end up having a catastrophe inside your house with all your properties destroyed by rodent nibbling. As of today, there are a lot of known solutions that can immediately treat squirrel pest problems inside the house. Some are highly mechanized and technologically driven and some are more strategic and employs more manual method. However, the ultimate solution to any pest problem inside the house is never the cure but it is always prevention. The preventive measures you will take in an earlier time ahead the infestation will ensure you that there will be no infestation that will take place at all. And to do that, it simply means you would have to make sure that your place tidy and organized, as well as properly sanitized. Maintenance is always the key for a harmonious and peaceful living; free from any foreign bugs or critters that may pose threat to the interiors of your house.

To think, humans per se are the main contributors of resources for foraging squirrels, and they are not even aware about it. To squirrels, your house may just look like another weird looking tree to them and they will never ever have to think twice whether to get inside it or not. Normally a squirrel would spend a very long time building their shelters with fallen woods and twigs. But if they found out about your attic or basement where it's absolutely a warm place to be, why would they ever have to do all the silly manual labors anymore? Plus, they don't even have to be bothered anymore by unpredictable attacks from their natural predators. What could be more heaven to squirrels than human abodes?

Now let's talk about foraging. Oh wait! That's absolutely unnecessary anymore. You see, a table left unattended after eating with all the leftover food still on it, an unfinished pet food, a garbage can left open, are all perfect resources of food for any hungry squirrels that inhabit a house. They don't have to search for food anymore for days because everything that want and need is just within reach.

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It seems that you have already read a lot through this write-up and judging from your determination to read the rest of this article you most likely have problems with squirrels already. So get ready and prepare yourself with a handful of household chores. Clean up that table right away and soap it to make sure that there are no remaining scents of food in it anymore. Empty the pet food container and make sure to throw away and seal any trash bins in your homes. Barbecues are also favourable homes for squirrels; they have been known to build homes in them and it usually doesn't take too long for them build one. By then, they will have unrestricted access to whatever is it that you are cooking on the grill. One time you're just flipping, the next thing you know, you're looking for that piece of meat anywhere.

One of the most vexing things that pest squirrels do to your home is what they do to your garden. They are so fund of digging up burrows creating tunneling holes in your beautiful piece of green lawn (that is if you have one of course). Of course, the soil needs aerating and stuff but that's just too much. It will be probably destroy the rest of your grass and some rooted plants with all their roots severed from the squirrel burrowing. You eventually find them as well popping out from your flower pots. Unless you somehow manage to kill all of them with some sort of a genocidal poison, you will most likely be unable to stop these squirrels from burrowing in your garden. However, you may be able to do something to eventually discourage them from burrowing anymore. One way to do about that is to buy a piece of hardware metal cloth. A cloth made of softer steal which makes it easily malleable but still robust. Cut a piece of that metal cloth a fit them around the flower pot or box. Make sure to cover the entire thing so that if ever the squirrel will attempt to bite their way in, they will just most likely destroy their own teeth.

There are times as well that squirrels climb up your fruit bearing trees and consume all of the flowering fruits before they can ever ripen. The only way to stop them is either using a very potent pesticide that gets rid of any squirrel problem or caging the entire tree itself. Caging is not a practically sound idea though, but you may do so if you think that's the best option there is. Or you could just leave the squirrels do all the food tasting tasks for you. It may be a small price to pay but it's the only nearest practical thing you can do about squirrels that feed on fruit bearing trees.

As of today innovations of technology have really brought about change in how we handle the pest problem with convenience. When before, we find using traps and stuff to be of utter convenience, today we now make use of high frequency sound emitting devices to keep them out of sight. These high level rodent deterrents are useful to some extent. For example, if they are properly placed in certain strategic locations where squirrels normally pass, it heightens its efficiency and effectiveness. However, according to much more recent studies, it has been found out they are not as effective as they may seem to be. Scientists say that frequency emitting device may work initially with rodents but eventually rodents will get around to the sounds they emit thus, making them less effective agents in deterring the rodents. However, they have been found very useful deterrents for smaller types of pests like bugs.
squirrel extermination