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The Most Common Indications of Squirrel Infiltration

You can just jump-start into concluding that squirrels have infiltrated in your house if you don't have evidence. If you don't have evidence, it might be that there are actually no squirrels in your house of no pests at all. You may have gotten it all wrong and it might just be your kids messing around the entire place. It could be a problem if you assume right away that squirrels have infiltrated your house, because you may have already purchased and employed the most high end technologies, methods and repellents for squirrel infestations and have practically invested money on it, only to find out that they are not taking any effect as a solution since there is no problem to be solved anyway. That's the thing if you don't look for appropriate evidence of genuinely a squirrel infestation inside your house. You have to know the difference as well between a squirrel infestation and other pests' infestation that are particular of the same family as squirrels like mice and rats. Rodents as they all are they would have most likely exhibited the same characteristics in terms of the damage that they do and the behaviors they manifest when they forage. The search for food is quite a basic instinct to all animals inside and outside the house. It's their driving force to keep on moving (apart from reproduction of course), moving so much such that they could actually penetrate the dwelling of humans just to find what they need and want. You have to make it a point that they don't go that far, or if ever they have, it is your responsibility to identify and get rid of them.

Why you would have to get rid of them have many answers. One is that fact that squirrels are often dirty creatures as they are originally from the wild. When they are dirty it could also necessarily mean they carry germs and bacteria that can be potentially harmful to human beings inside the house. In other words, squirrels can carry diseases and according to statistics, history and researches, squirrels are often the vessels of the most dangerous types of viruses and diseases in the world, like monkey pox and rabies. Theses disease can be truly fatal to humans especially if not treated and if they are treated, the entire process of treatment would definitely cost a lot and would certainly hurt anyone's pocket. If it's not treated to, somebody's or someone's future will be destroyed for certain. Therefore, there is truly a need to keep them away from the house for good. You can of course do that by using commercialized repellents and anti-squirrel technologies today as there are being marketed. There a lot actually and most of them are actually considered to be truly effective in dealing with squirrel pest problems. Some of them are even quite cheap and some of them relatively expensive. You can use all or any of them. But one thing you have to make sure of when using them is to find the evidences or the identifications first of the squirrels that inhabit your house. You might end up buying squirrel traps and what not but in the end you found out that it's not really squirrels that are infesting your house but rats and mice which would require different sets of traps and whatsoever. That is why it is truly important to spot the difference between a squirrel's paper trails compared to that of the other pests that may come inside the house. It will definitely spell the difference of finding an effective solution or not.

But what are the specific indications that squirrels have infested your home? How do you effectively identify them without confusing or mistaking the evidences that they live behind to something else entirely different? How would you be able to distinguish between a squirrel's tracks to its close relative the rats and mice? These questions have to be truly answered first before we can move ever move on to identify that the one responsible for infiltrating and messing up your house are actually squirrels and not any other pests that infiltrate the house as well. For all you know you may have both but you only assumed that squirrels did all the crime. That would be quite bias.

First things first, you can identify the indications of a squirrel track by just merely looking at the droppings scattered in their favorite places. The favorite places of a squirrel are not much different to that of the favorite places of rats. These are usually the dark and damp secluded corners or places inside the house. They like to dwell in there because they somehow feel that they are concealed from human contact and they it would diminish the risk of encountering animals that could potentially turn them into preys. You look for these particular places inside the house and search for their droppings. You will be able to identify the difference between a squirrel dropping and a rat or mice dropping from how it looks. It could be identified through the textures though but that is something you shouldn't consider at all. You would risk yourself from contracting potentially deadly diseases carried by the pests and they can be communicated through their droppings. It will be a problem. The features of squirrel dropping are, one it's quite smaller than that of a rat's dropping or mice's, they are also much more rounded and less elongated. Rat droppings are usually moistened and elongated in shape as their species are normally relatively larger than squirrels.

Another specific indication of squirrels inhabiting your house is the presence of their tracks. The shape and size of their feet will significantly spell the difference between an ordinary rat's tracks. A rat or mice's feet track are usually intact and spread trident shaped, splayed toes tracks as how their feet would normally look like. However with squirrels, their feet tracks are much more spread and smaller.
squirrel extermination