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Effective Conventional DIY Squirrel Control Methods

You may not be aware but squirrels do more than just property damage to your homes. Squirrels can be a carrier to certain serious diseases, in the same way as their relative rodent families. If there is a squirrel infestation in your household you have to make it a point to really get rid of them right away without any further delay. The delay you will have once you take too much time before making any action could cost you dearly. Little did you know, that one of your family members in the house has already contracted the disease from the squirrels and could put his or her self in serious danger.

Contracting the disease coming from squirrels can be in many different ways. It could be that you will be able to contract the disease by ingesting leftover food that is already contaminated with squirrel saliva since many squirrels often find it better off foraging in leftover foods in the table. It could be through a bite from these creatures. A bite can take place once squirrels often feel cornered and threatened by human presence. Although, squirrels don't normally bite off humans when they are not threatened, it is still better to be careful. Take the necessary precautionary measures to fend off any possibilities of a squirrel bite.

But how do you exactly get rid of squirrels? There are many solutions actually on how to get rid of squirrels once and for all. There are many known methods and you can just readily pick one you find convenient for your sense of approach. There are methods that require chemical treatments (more often than not they are commercialized), there are also certain methods that are more manual and would require certain mechanical devices to ensnare them. There are also methods which are more automated and usually electronically operated. They are more convenient to use since they work with only a single click of the button. However, their efficiency could be compromised if they reach their depreciating point which often comes fast especially if the device is not of high quality. The downside to this approach is that the devices that are more effective and would take a longer time to depreciate are usually very expensive and they may not prove to be cost efficient at all. If they are operated with direct current, the battery life could easily and quickly be expended and if ever they are running on alternating current, they could consume a lot and may not be cost efficient at all.

If you really want to deal with squirrels in the most cost efficient way, you have to make sure that you don't use electronically driven devices as they may prove to be the contradiction to your endeavors. Manual and improvised methods are always at our disposal and convenience and all you have to do is to make your brain work in order to come up with something innovative and effective. That is all that you would ever need so that you will be able to create a do-it-yourself method of dealing with squirrels.

The DIY squirrel control methods that are going to be discussed in this article will not talk about improvised or synthesized chemical repellents or anything of that sort, but it will be focusing more on conventional strategies one can employ to deter squirrels from ever entering the household. Traps and basic positioning techniques to impede the foreigners from crossing your home's borders are among those that are going to be discussed in this article. It has to be stressed though that the techniques in this article would require the creativity of a person and the patience to see through the output of the techniques. These methods are not for the weak and meek people. One thing's for certain, you have to be hardcore in order to deal with these squirrels once and for all. Remember, these vermin squirrels don't only cause property damage but they could also harm your health and your family - all the more reason for you to take immediate actions without any further delay.

Here are some conventional logical but still effective ways on dealing with squirrels that infest your household:

1. Make sure that your house is clean and tidy. 

Perhaps the most important factor yet the most overlooked as well. The most crucial thing about keeping pests away is to make sure that there will be no reason for pest to inhabit your household. If you are not particular in keeping your house organized and clean, you are giving an open invitation to pests as well and that would include squirrels. In the case of squirrels, it's the food leftovers that they find interesting inside your house and they will stop at nothing in getting inside that funny looking tree –your house. Make sure that food leftovers in the table are properly sealed and morsels should be cleaned up right away. Food scraps that are in the trash bin should not stay there longer than a day. Make it a point to dispose of them right away and also make sure that they are disposed far away from your house so that squirrels will never find anything they can dig within your territories. Also, don't litter a lot of things around unorganized. Make sure you pile things up in a systematic and neat manner. Squirrels like to dwell in places that are cozy and messy, therefore don't make your house like one.

2. Make it a point to regularly check your house for any infestation manifestation.

That could be noticed through scratches and other material damages that squirrels do to your properties. If you find these evidences then there is a possibility that squirrels are already inside your home. The idea here is to detect them early before they could get worse. Don't make it a point to procrastinate and wait for the time when squirrels are already freely roaming around your house like stay-in visitors. If you are able to spot their habitation as early as possible, then you can immediately take the necessary actions to curtail their presence and eventually get rid of them for good.
squirrel extermination