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Squirrel Exterminator

Humane Ways To Get Rid Of Squirrels Without A Squirrel Exterminator

If you are on this page, reading this very article, then I am certain that you have come to understand how painful it can be when squirrels infest your home and you sure are looking for ways to get rid of these once adorable critters without the assistance of a squirrel exterminator. There was a time when you found these animals absolutely adorable but now it is you who has to deal with cleaning after these critters, having to bear with the foul shit smell that comes out of the ventilation, get a vent cleaning company to clean it all out.

The next problem that you are most probably facing is that, these critters are again slowly finding their way into your home and that is scaring the living day lights out of you because have you already learnt about things the hard way when they took abode in your ventilation. You are also possibly thinking of getting a squirrel exterminator this time, but again, you are having second thoughts because it just sounds very cruel.

So what can you do? You can’t just live with them and the problems they are going to create once again now can you?

I know these questions have been raking you for so long that you have now decided to find a way to get rid of them once in for all, but in a more humane fashion. One of the best things that you can find in the market would be a very effective squirrel repellent. The only problem is that most of these repellents are usually chemical based and can create a lot of after-effects. You could possibly face respiratory problems, have your plants killed with the intensity of the chemical composition found in these repellents or perhaps even kill your pets if they accidentally lick it after it is sprayed on the plants. You can also make your own repellent, but where is the time to sit and make the repellent and surely where is the time to sit and spray it every day when the rain starts pouring?

Many people would say that the best way to get these animals not to enter your house would be to plug all their entry points with a whole lot of steel wool. The only problem with such wool is that, if they are not handled carefully, they can definitely harm you. In the worst case scenario, if the wool is not covered with plywood on both sides, the squirrel might try entering your house through the steel wool, get itself mangled and die. You would again be left with the smell of rotting flesh and then cleaning it would be yet another hassle.

Hence, it would be in the best interest of you and the squirrels that you find squirrel traps to get rid of these critters in the most humane fashion. There are many squirrel traps that are available in the market, but just make certain that you do not get the ones that look like a spring-action mouse trap because it could definitely be the worst end for any squirrel.

This is what squirrel control is all about ladies and gentlemen.

Apart from these horrible squirrel traps, you can definitely find ones that are box shaped and are easy to use. There are ones that have a trap door and ones that have trap doors and notch sticks. Depending upon your budget and the one that you like, it would be best to get couple of these traps. You would also have to ensure that these traps are not too big since a trapped squirrel would invariably try to escape and would move around a lot, thus hurting itself. Once you trap a squirrel, you can always take them to a nearby forest or reserve and set them free.

Once these critters find a way in to their natural habitat, you would not have to worry anymore because they would invariably start their life all over again and that too without interfering in yours. All, you would have to do now is look for a good squirrel trap or perhaps make your own and be rid of these creatures for ever – without employing an inhumane squirrel exterminator.

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Squirrel Proofing

Prevent Squirrels From Building A Nest In Your House

Squirrels sure are those cute little furry creatures that look absolutely adorable until the time they take abode in your house. Once they build a nest in your house, there sure are a lot of problems that you need to worry about. If you have been thinking how best you can get rid of such adorable creatures or even prevent them from building a nest in your house, then you sure have come to the right place. Here you are going to find some really easy and cost effective methods that you can undertake to get rid of such creatures.

Before we look at some easy ways to prevent squirrels from taking abode in your house, we would first have to understand what we are up against. Once a squirrel takes abode in your house, you can be rest assured that you can face a lot of cleaning problems. Squirrels like all other rodents would not only nest in a secure place but would hoard its food in crevices on the walls, of some hole or another in your home - this would later lead to ant infestation.

Worse is the problem of cleaning squirrels droppings. Just like rats squirrels would go ahead and excrete in every single place. One fine day you can be rest assured to find all your vents clogged and the most putrid smell emanating from your ventilation.

You would also face the problems of having to deal with squirrels multiplying really fast. If it is a domesticated animal, then you can be assured that you can have them neutered to prevent these animals from multiplying, but if they are wild squirrels that are taking abode in your house then it sure can become a problem. More squirrels would translate to more squirrels droppings and more squirrels droppings would lead to more putrid smell through your ventilation.

Apart from increasing squirrel population and smell you would also have to worry about the various diseases these furry creatures carry. Be it while being alive or dead, these creatures are known to be a breeding spot for a lot of diseases. These animals are territorial and aggressive and are also known to carry rabies.

Hence to avoid all of the above mentioned problems, you could undertake one preventive measure to ensure that these animals do not build a nest and multiply in your house. First off, you would have to scan your entire house and find out if there are any entry ways for these animals. If there are any entry points then it is time that you have them closed. On the exterior side of the hole, you would use a thick plywood block or even heavy duty plaster to cover the hole. Next you would have to get a whole lot of steel wool that you can get in any hardware store and plug the holes with it. To make this preventive measure more effective, you can sprinkle a lot of paprika or cayenne pepper powder on the wool and then stuff it.

Once the stuffing is complete, you can then go ahead and cover the inner area of the wall with plywood and then apply plaster or putty before you go ahead and paint the wall. You would have to ensure that you take care of all the entry points in your house.

The above mentioned preventive tip surely can take care of squirrel proofing your house, but If your garden and your dumpster are being ransacked by these animals on a regular basis, then it is time that you did an extensive research to find out about various squirrel traps that you can build to capture these animals. Alternatively you could also look for repellents that repel squirrel.

You can either make them at home or perhaps buy them from a store easily. I always recommend making the repellent at home because you would not only be able to prevent the squirrels from entering your property but also ensure that they do not harm your plants. Most commercial repellents have a lot of chemicals that would not only harm your plants but would also harm your other pets at times.

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Squirrel Infestation

Problems Posed By Squirrel Infestation?

Gone are the days when squirrels were looked at as those very cute, cuddly and adorable animals that had a chance of becoming a pet. People who had taken such animals as pets later came to find out about the mess they could create and also about the possible disease that they could spread. Such animals, when rubbed on the wrong side, were also known to become so vicious that they actually harmed many of their owners – both adults and children!

This is just a prelude on what a domesticated squirrel could do to a person. Squirrels, both domesticated and wild, may seem to be very gentle and perhaps even harmless, but the ones that are wild could actually inflict more harm than the domesticated ones. Wild squirrels in a lot of ways are very territorial and very protective. They may seem to shy away from humans, but at the smell of food, they can become the most social animals ever. However, when they do not get what they want from you, then you would find the dark side of the squirrel raise its ugly head against you.

Flying squirrels are not only known for just flying from one tree to another, they are well known to find its food immaterial of where it is kept. These types of squirrels do not really pose that great a problem in the residential sub-urbs, but if the area is in the periphery of a forest or a natural reserve, then there is a very high possibility that they could add on to your otherwise long list of pest problems. With time, such squirrels multiply and then you would have to deal with some of the most harmful and gross squirrel infestation problems.

These critters if not treated by a vet, can carry a lot of diseases. Unlike humans, they do not have the common sense to know that there is a secluded place to do their excretion business. For these animals, like every other animal, the world is their toilet. When your house or neighbourhood is infested by these animals, you would have to be very careful about the diseases that can spread due to their excretory material.

Squirrels are not only known to carry a lot of disease inducing bacteria and virus in their claws and saliva but are also known to carry them in their excretion. Faeces and urine of both domestic and wild squirrels are known to carry some highly contagious diseases. Worse is the condition when these critters are not vaccinated since they are also known to be carriers of rabies. Apart from these, squirrels are also known to carry disease on their fur when alive.

When these animals die, it is a whole new story all together. Once dead, they may not harm you with their claws, saliva and their excretory material but they are known to become the breeding grounds for other insects. Maggots that feed on the rotting carcass of a squirrel would grow to become a house fly that later spreads disease in your own house. Dead squirrels can also lead to poisoning of a water source especially if the actual animal is poisoned. Worse could be the scenario if such a poisoned animal had to be eaten by your pets. In many cases, these pets also die of poisoning or perhaps spread some disease or another after eating the animal!

To ensure that you, your family and your pets are safe, it would be best to consider such adorable and cuddly squirrels as life threatening animals and be rid of them at the earliest. For your safety, it would be best if you could get rid of these animals in a safe manner and have them returned to their natural habitat.

No matter how badly your house is infested by squirrels, just stay away from poisoning these animals, or having them slaughtered by a trap. Choose a squirrel repellent that is one hundred percent natural or a trap that would capture them live and later can be set free in the wild. Given the fact that these animals can become vicious, it might seem like a good idea to have them killed but that is not going to be the answer to be rid of squirrel infestation.

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Squirrel Pest Control Guide

Squirrel Evictor

Some Of The Best Squirrel Evictors That You Can Come Up With

If you had thought that squirrels were one of the most harmless and the cutest of all creatures and if you had left them into your house, I am certain that you sure are facing a lot of problems right now. Apart from the unknown problems that they can pose, these animals are well known for their vicious character that is known to have harmed a lot of humans. If you have unknowingly let these furry creatures into your house and not sure how best you can get rid of them then it is time that you read the following. Here, you are going to find out about some of the easy to procure squirrel evictors in the market or even find certain things in your home, that can help evict squirrels easily.

As for the very first item that you can get to evict squirrels from your house, you would have to pay a visit to the closest hardware or electrical store and locate a high intensity strobe light. These lights are some of the well known squirrel evictors in the market. The large sized probe lights sure are expensive but if you take the time to find smaller ones then you sure can find them at very cost effective rates. All you would have to do is place these lights in all the entry points to your home through which these animals gain access. The high intensity of the light would easily deter these animals since they are known to irritate their sight.

You could alternatively place a lot of moth balls mixed with paprika powder in the entry point. This would ensure that the squirrels’ nostrils are irritated to such an extent that they never come back into your house again. Also, make certain that you periodically fix all the cracks on the walls of your home so that these animals do not build a nest in the cracks or use the cracks to make tunnels in your walls and then build the nest. What you should do is stuff these cracks with a lot of steel wool and mix it with the same paprika powder, stuff it into the walls and then use plaster to cover the cracks.

Before you think about evicting squirrels from your house, you would have to ensure that they do not gain access to your house. The best way with which these animals gain access into your house is through the thick branches from the trees that lead to your balcony, you windows or even directly to the attic. Remember that these animals are capable of jumping and clearing a distance of 5 feet very easily. Hence, always make it a point to keep the branches well trimmed at all times, so that these animals do not use them as launch pads to gain access into your house.

It would also be a very good idea to keep any kind of food items away from their access. Squirrels tend to go to a particular place or even build a nest only if the source of the food is somewhere close by. It would be a good idea to store bird seeds, processed dog foods and any other edible item in a very secure place. Once, these animals can’t get access to such food items they would start looking elsewhere and with time, even move their nests to other locations. Also make certain that you do not keep any wood piles in open areas since this would not only help squirrels move around but also give them another opportunity to build a nest.

Be sure to use squirrel repellents and squirrels traps that are available in the market to evict squirrels from your home. Once you capture a squirrel in the traps, all you would have to do is set them free in the wilderness so that they build a nest in the forest and move on with their lives. Repellents on the other hand would just ensure that these animals do not come to the place where they can smell the repellent which means, you would have to place quite a lot of them all over your garden and your house.

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Squirrel Stopper

Ideas To Protect Your Bird Feeder

It is with immense pride that we build our very own and our very first bird feeder. It is such a great feeling to watch birds actually take food and rest in the feeder that we made. Sadly, such beautiful creatures are put at peril when those cuddly critters the squirrels climb those heights to disturb the birds and take their food. This is not just the problem with the bird feeders that we make so carefully at home, but this particular problem also exists with bird feeders that can be bought in a store. This particular problem exists because there are no good squirrel busters placed in these feeders.

So you can now actually create an amazing bird feeder with an idea that could be the best squirrel stopper ever and that this particular contraption is made only to feed the little birdies and not the uninvited furry creatures.

To protect your bird feeder, you would first have to make certain that the feeder is not found anywhere where a squirrel lives or frequents. In most cases, your entire garden could be infested by these animals hence having a feeder anywhere in the garden can pose a problem to having a bird feeder erected. In such a case, you could actually have the feeder erected in the middle of the garden on a very high pole.

It would be best if the pole is retractable or one that can be fixed on top of each other. This would not only be a very good idea to stop the squirrels from entering the bird feeder, but it would also ensure that once the food is over in the feeder, you can retract the entire pole, place some more food in the feeder and then raise it back again.

When you place such feeder on top of a very high pole, you can be rest assured that the slipperiness of the pole does not allow the squirrel to climb on to the feeder. Even if the squirrel does try very hard, it may reach few feet above the ground but not the actual feeder itself. This would be one of the most effective ways to squirrel proof your bird feeder. Many people state that it looks quite nice to have the bird feeder hang off a tree. The problem with such ideas is that squirrels get an easy footing to launch themselves with the n number of branches that can be found on a tree. With the ropes actually holding the feeder, then can easily climb down the ropes and get the food from the feeder.

The best accompanying idea to go with the squirrel stopper in your bird feeder would be to dust a lot of paprika or jalapeno pepper powder on the poles before erecting the bird feeder. These ingredients from the kitchen are some of the best repellents that can keep squirrels away. The spiciness of the actual peppers would irritate these furry animals’ nostrils that they do not wish to climb on to it anymore. Just make certain that, during rainy days, you mix these powders in some water and spray them onto the pole.

One of the other ways to protect your bird feeder would be to take some of the urine of a predator and spray it at the bottom of the pole on which the feeder is placed. The best of urine would belong to both the canine and the feline family. Not that I am asking you to get the excretion of a tiger or a wolf. If you do get them, then it is good for you, else just be happy with that of a dog or a cats. You may find it hard to get the urine of cats, but you can actually take the used lumps from the cat litter pot and have it scattered around the pole. Once a squirrel gets the smell of a predator, you can be rest assured that they never come near the bird feeder again because they are always worried about the proximity of such predators. This idea would not only squirrel proof your bird feeder but would also repel and prevent these animals from coming into your garden ever again.

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Squirrel Pest Control Guide

Squirrel Problems

Put A Stop To Squirrel Problems With A Homemade Squirrel Trap

Squirrels may be considered as the cutest amongst all animals in the animal kingdom but once they start building a nest in your own home or start their frequent visits to carry away your food, the kind of squirrel problems that you may have to face would become totally unbearable. If you have been thinking of ways to get rid of such pests from taking abode in your house then you have come to the right place. Here you are going to find out about one easy way to be rid of all the squirrel problems that you are currently facing or one that you may have to face very soon – the answer would be an easy to build homemade squirrel trap.

There are many commercial squirrel traps available in the market right now. The only problem is that these traps are not guaranteed to work and certain traps can not be used after sometime, since the spring action being used in such traps gives way easily. So what we are going to do is build a squirrel trap that is not only sturdy but also one that would last a very long time.

For building a squirrel trap, you would need metal sheets that are about four to five millimeters thick and about 2 feet in length. It would be best not to use wood or cardboard to build this particular trap since the squirrels can easily chew their way through with such materials. You would also need a two to four inch long stick to be placed as a notch-stick in the trap. You would also need a soldering machine and lead sticks to secure the trap.

Once you have procured the above mentioned materials, you would then have to go ahead and cut the 2 feet long metal sheet into six pieces to create a box. It would be best if you can make a rectangular box on the smaller scale so that the captured squirrel doesn’t try escaping and hurt itself badly. Once you have cut the metal sheet, you would then have to place the two side walls, the rear wall and the bottom wall together and solder them into place. Next, place the top wall and solder that into place.

Before you go about fixing the front wall, you would have to cut out a square piece right in the middle. On the rear side of the square piece, you would have to stick a stone or a thick metallic block to ensure that the door stays shut after the notch-stick is tripped. On the other end of the door, fold the edges to make it look like a hinge and have it fixed to the front wall. The door that is fastened to the front wall should open easily but once closed it would have to require more force to open and it should be fixed in a way that it can be opened only from the outside.

Once the door is fastened on to the front wall, just go ahead and have the front wall soldered to trap. Now place some food in the trap and leave the trap door open by placing a notch-stick between the door and the base. On smelling the food, a squirrel would definitely find its way to the trap. By getting into this homemade trap the squirrel would trip the notch-stick and would cage itself. The metallic block placed on the rear side of the trap door would ensure that the squirrel does not open the door with its claws from within.

Once you trap a squirrel, you can always take it to a far of place or perhaps set it free in a forest. This particular trap is very easy to make and it is so sturdy that you can use it time and again. It would also be a good idea not only to make the trap on a smaller scale but it would also be a great idea if you can bore some holes on the walls of the squirrel traps to ensure that a squirrel caught in the trap does not die of suffocation.

Now follow these tips to the T and be relieved of all your squirrel problems easily.

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Squirrel Pest Control Guide

Squirrel Buster

Amazing Squirrel Buster Ideas to Bust The Furry Friends Out Of Their Hiding

Did you think that squirrels could be the most harmless creatures and let them take abode in your house? After so many months of silence, are you facing various kinds of problems that you never foresaw and now are you also facing a situation where you would have to vacate your house because these furry creatures have infested your house? Are you looking for ways that can help you bust squirrels from their hiding places in your walls? Then I should tell you that you have come to the right place where you can find the answers to locate some of the best squirrel busters that can help you with your squirrel infestation problems.

As for the very first squirrel buster idea, you would have to take along vacation and hire a squirrel exterminator who would be able to smoke the entire house and the walls and get rid of these squirrels. They could either use poisonous gas to kill these animals on the spot or even use some harmless smoke creating agent that would be pumped into the walls to just scare these animals out of their hiding. Once, they are evicted from their hiding, the exterminators are known to capture them with various contraptions in a safe manner and then release them in the wilderness so that they do not come back into your neighborhood or your house.

The horrible part is when these exterminators actually use poisonous gas as squirrel busters. There is a high possibility that some of these animals could be dead in the vents that are inaccessible by these people, thus letting their flesh rot in the system. Hence, before you get such services, make certain that you find out before hand as to what kind of gassing method they would undertake to bust squirrels from their hiding. If you wish to bust squirrels from their hiding all by yourself, then it would be a good idea to find out about the various precautionary measure that you would have to undertake to protect yourself from the harmful smoke that is to be used to bust these animals.

Alternatively, you could actually raise a cat in your house. The smell of the cat and most importantly the smell of its urine sure is to repel squirrels. A cat is the worst predator that a squirrel could ever face and thus the smell of its urine would actually show squirrels that the predator is somewhere very close by and thus make them leave their hiding places. If raising such cats is something that you are not looking forward to then get the help of your friends who own cats. All they would have to do is donate the cat litter that has been used. Remove the lumps of feces from the cat litter and just take the wet areas that have the urine of the cat. Later soak these lumps of urine with the litter absorbent material in water and then strain the whole solution. Once you separate the liquid from the mush, you could have it filled in a sprayer and use it to spray all over your garden and other entry points in your house.

If you wish to find the best of squirrel buster that can be used within your house, then you need not look any further than your dog or that of your friend’s. Remember, that dogs like all other animals secrete a lot of oils and these oils protect their skin and the coat and when you brush your dog, these oils get stuck to the loose fur that comes off with the brush. All you would have to do is make certain that you collect a lot of such fur and place it in all the exit points that lead into you rooms and especially the exit that leads to your kitchen. If the squirrel nest is in a visible place, then make certain that you place the fur near the nest. On getting the smell of dogs from the fur, the squirrels would definitely make a hasty retreat and never come back into your house again.

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Squirrel Pest Control Guide

Squirrel Deterrent

...that You Can Make At Home

Squirrels definitely are very adorable creatures. As long as they live their life in the wild or perhaps in the park, then they would definitely remain adorable. But once they take abode in your house then they sure can become a problem that you had ever experienced. The problems that these cuddly critters can pose start in your garden. They would not only go ahead and dig everywhere but they would also go to the extent of getting into the bird feed. After a while the bird feeder would no longer be for the birds but for these uninvited critters that have taken abode easily.

If you have been facing such problems, then you sure can get a whole lot of squirrel poison; the only problem being such poison can actually harm other animals and also kill the birds that get fed in the feeder. Squirrel traps, also have their own problems, and if not used correctly they would leave you with much more work of cleaning the trap that had accidentally severed the squirrel into two.

With problems that can arise out of every single method that can possibly rid your home of these pesky pests, you sure are wondering what it is that you can do then! Well, the best answer to such a thought would be to prepare your own squirrel deterrent. With the following tips, even you can create such deterrents from your kitchen and get rid of these creatures forever.

The first set of ingredients that you can use from your kitchen would be nutmeg and cinnamons. All you would have to do is dry blend both these items in a food processor and dust them over areas that are frequently visited by these animals. You can also mix jalapeno powder or paprika powder to the cinnamon mixture and you can be rest assured that these animals never come into your home again.

If you have a big dog at home or an animal that could be a probable predator of these critters, you can try getting their urine in a container and have it sprayed around your house. If you wish for this particular squirrel deterrent to be more effective, then make certain that you collect a large quantity of the same and store it for a week or two in an airtight container. The longer it remains in the container the more unbearable the smell would become. The stronger the smell is, the more worried would be these pesky visitors, because they are always cautious about such predators that can harm them. Since this particular deterrent can be sprayed around, you would not have to worry about using it frequently even during rainy days.

Apart from these, you could also boil a liter of water with onions, jalapeno peppers, paprika along with more jalapeno and paprika powder. You would have to boil the whole concoction really well until the time it become a very thick broth that can be lifted only with a spoon. Let the mixture boil longer and let it become thicker. Later, spread the same on a flat surface and let it cool down. Once it is cold, you could cut them into half-inch pieces and places them in various crevices and branches of all the trees in your garden. The pungent smell that emanates from these cubes would keep the squirrels at bay.

If you are wondering if there would be an easier way to deal with these animals, then I have to assure you that you can definitely find some commercial squirrel deterrents easily. These deterrents come in powder form that can be dusted anywhere, concentrate liquid form that can be diluted and sprayed anywhere and also as blocks that can be placed anywhere to deter these pesky animals.

If truth be said, these little furry creatures sure are cute but in a lot of ways are problematic. Apart from them just taking over your house, you would also have to deal with the various kinds of diseases that they would spread and also deal with their temperament. To save your self from all of this, it would be in your best interest to find a good squirrel deterrent and keep these animals at bay.

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Squirrel Pest Control Guide

How to Catch a Squirrel

...how to Easily do it!

If you have been thinking that squirrels are the most adorable creatures ever and if you have been thinking about letting those furry little wild animals take abode in your house, then I am certain that you are going to face a lot of problems that you did not think could occur. If you have already burnt your fingers by letting these creatures into your house and if you are wondering how to catch a squirrel, then you have come to the right place.

If you have already tried a lot of commercial squirrel traps that have done nothing but cut the poor animal into two and the smell had become so unbearable that you actually had a very tough time cleaning the trap, then I am certain that you are looking for alternates. I am also certain that you are on this page wanting to find out how to catch a squirrel and if there could be an easy to build snare that could help you with the same.

Here, you are going to find out about one easy-to-create squirrel snares. This particular snare can be set up in a matter of few minutes and is designed in such a way that it not only captures the animal but also prevents it from trying to escape and harm itself. Without any of the mess of a commercial spring-action trap, you can now capture these animals safely and free them in a forest that is away from your home.

To construct squirrel traps that work like a snare, you would have to locate certain things that you can find in your own home. For this particular trap, you do not need to pay a visit to a store because you can use those items that you can find in your house.

You would just have to pay a visit to your garage and locate a ball of bailing string. Make certain that the string does not break easily and it should not be too thick or too thin. Next locate a branch or pole that is hollow. You could use a piece of bamboo with two open ends to construct the snare.

First, you would have to locate a loop and attach it to the bailing wire so that you can easily attach it to the pole. Then take the bailing wire and create a noose on one side and ensure that the noose is about 7 centimeters in diameter. The free end of the noose should go through the loop that you had taken.

Next, you would have to look for a fork branch on a tree. Make certain that the fork can hold the pole and also the weight of the squirrel. Now make certain that you run the bailing string along the pole where the noose end would be on one side of the pole and the free end would have to be wrapped securely on the other end of the pole. You would have to make certain that the free end is secured in such a fashion that the entrapped squirrel can not wriggle its way out of the pole with the string.

When placing the noose, just ensure that it is positioned in such a way that it covers the sides and the top of the pole. Make sure that there is another noose created so that one can be placed on the top and the other on the side of the pole. The actual noose should be kept about two to three inches away from the pole. When the nooses are placed in such a fashion, you can be rest assured that the squirrel would not find enough room to wiggle and chew the bailing string to its freedom.

Next you would have to place the entire setup against the fork-branch of the tree or have it tightly secured to the trunk of the tree. Now place some nuts or other kinds of sweet smelling food items in the pole to attract and snare the squirrels.

Follow these methods to the T and even you can create a lot squirrel snare that can be the best answer to all your problems.

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Squirrel Pest Control Guide

How to Get Rid of Squirrels


There are quite a lot of theories on how various chemicals in the soil and the toxic gas in the air is slowly affecting the squirrel population. Immaterial of what is being stated, squirrels may be those furry little adorable creatures but at any given point, these adorable creatures can be the worst problems you could ever face. They may not pose a problem when they are in their natural habitat, however, we the “powerful and greedy” species, need more and have slowly depleted the natural habitat that all of these critters live in.

When they have nowhere else to go they turn to our habitats to create a world for themselves. They would encroach your house without your permission and would start multiplying like no one’s business. With more squirrels, you can be rest assured that you can face a lot of problems. Worse, is the health problem is that these adorable creatures can bring.

Since these animals are wild, there is no way in heaven or hell that you can have them neutered or vaccinated. In such cases, multiplication of these animals is inevitable and so is the fact that more diseases can spread. If you have been thinking about how to get rid of squirrels from encroaching your home and endangering your lives, then it is time that you read the following.

One of the best ways to stop these critters from entering your home is to get some repellent that is special designed to repel squirrels. Most of the squirrel repellents that you find on the shelves are usually chemical based, but if you take the time and look then you can find few repellents that are one hundred percent natural. Such natural products are usually more expensive than the chemical based repellents. Hence, it would be a good idea to make a repellent at home. A mixture of cayenne pepper powder, jalapeno chilies, paprika powder and onions made into a concoction with one liter of water should actually do the trick. Such repellents are not that very popular because you would have to use them once in every four days if you do not want your house to be infested.

The next best thing that you can look for to get rid of squirrels would be to buy squirrel traps or snares. There are many varieties that are available in the market and the most famous would be a spring-action trap which looks very much like a mouse trap. The only problem with such traps is that they can actually cut the animal into two, especially if the power of the spring action is pretty high. Alternatively, you can also make such traps from your home and not worry about spending too much of money on something that can be made at home.

The other best and easy ting that you can do is to get your hands on a lot of steel wool that would be readily available in any hardware store. All you would have to do is look at the places that could be the probable entry points for these critters and have them plugged with the steel wool. Before you block all the entry holes, it would be an even better idea to actually get your hands on some paprika powder, sprinkle the wool fillings with it and then stuff it into the entry points. This would not only prevent squirrels from entering your home, but would also ensure that they are repelled by the smell of the paprika powder.

At any given point of time, the best answer to how to get rid of squirrels would lay in the direction of using a squirrel trap. These contraptions will help you capture them easily and then set them free in a forest or some area that is far away from your house. The problem with a repellent is that you would have to keep spraying it ever so often and more so during rainy seasons. As for the steel wool, it sure does make ones work very easy, but you would still be bothered by these critters when they ransack your garbage can and create a mess in your garden.

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Squirrel Pest Control Guide

Squirrel Poison

Problems You Can Face With Squirrel Poison

Squirrels are definitely adorable to look at, even better is the fact that they would actually make some really cute pets. However, a full grown adult squirrel can never be made into a pet because it has always lived on the wild side and definitely would not prefer being domesticated. In such a case you would have to raise a squirrel that was abandoned by its mother. Finding one such squirrel maybe a problem, hence, many people let these cuddly furry creatures take abode in their home not knowing what it is that they are signing up for.

The moment a squirrel starts building a nest in a person’s house, the very first reaction is that of utmost ecstasy and it is even better to look at kids’ face when these animals scurry around with their tiny little paws. Just to keep the kids happy, most parents say yes to these animals and later have to face quite a lot of problems, especially when the squirrel starts multiplying and building a colony in the ventilation pipes and the attic. Once a colony is built, it sure would become a problem to get rid of them.

First, you would also have to deal with the problem of cleaning their mess from within the ventilation pipes and having your walls sprayed with medicines to keep ants and termites away. Since, squirrels hoard food, the hoarded food attracts other creatures to build a nest. In no time your house would not longer be a sanctuary for you, rather a sanctuary for every other creature in the animal or the insect kingdom.

There are many squirrel poisons that are available out there which are quite effective when it comes to getting rid of these furry creatures. A squirrel poison would not only take care of killing the existing critters in your house but would keep the other wild and live ones from entering your house. Such poisons are available in both powder and liquid form and both are proven to be effective with regular use. However, there are some problems that you would have to be forewarned about when dealing with such products.

Currently you can find a chemical based poison or a natural squirrel poison. If you had to choose on that is one hundred percent natural then you should be prepared to spend a bit more money than the chemical based products.

The first problem that you can face with such chemical based poison is that they can be injurious to your own health. At many times, you would end up buying a product to which your body may have an allergic reaction to, and still keep using it, not knowing that the reaction is because of using that particular product. With continuous use of the same, there is a very high possibility that your body can react in the most adverse way.

Such poison would also definitely affect your plants and reduce their life expectancy. All chemical based poisons have to be sprayed liberally on all the plants in the garden to not only kill the critters but also prevent others from getting into your premises. The chemicals found in these poisons are in no way good for your plants, meaning – in a very short period of time, you would find your plants wilting and dying and you would not know what hit them. With continuous usage of the product, you would even corrupt the soil and make it unfit for any more plants to grow.

Off all the problems, the worst that you can face would be the accidental death of your other pets that may come into contact with such chemicals. Cats and dogs are known to eat grass or leaves of plants with medicinal value. When you spray squirrel poison, your cat or dog has a higher chance of ingesting the chemicals and facing a lot of health problems.

If you think that the above mentioned problems are more than enough to keep you away from chemical products, then it is time that you looked for a one hundred percent natural poison. Alternatively, you could get a trap to catch these animals safely and later set them free in the wild.

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Squirrel Pest Control Guide

Squirrels in Attic

Problems That You Can Face When You Have Squirrels In Attic

How many times have you looked at a squirrel and gone “oh God, how cute!”? Well, they sure are cute until the time they actually stay far away from you. If they have to come to you for food and if you don’t give it, then it sure is a different story. On the other hand, if these critters have to create a nest in your own home then it sure is a ball game that you do not want to deal with.

There are many ways with which you can lure squirrels to build its nest in your house because they are so cute. However, once you have squirrels in your attic, then you would have to think about a lot of ways to get rid of them! If you already have invited such a trouble into your home or even if such critters have already invited themselves into your home, then it is time that you read the following to find out what kinds of problems you would have to face in the near and the long future once you get to have squirrels in attic.

A little after squirrels build a nest in your attic, you would first have to face the problem of dealing with the perpetual scrapping and chewing sound. Yes, that’s what squirrels do – they tend to chew and scrape off wooden or cardboard walls to find natural crevices or create crevices where they can create a secure nest for their young ones. This means, in a very short period of time, you are going to have a lot of tunnels within your walls and in your attic!

Once they finish creating crevices and building nests, they would start stealing food and hoarding it for their future. The more food gets stolen, the bigger they get. The bigger they get, then more food is consumed and more droppings come out of these adorable creatures. In just a very short period of time, the immediate surroundings of these animals are covered with droppings. Once that place is full, these critters would move to other areas of your house to create a new toilet. Initially you would not be able to detect such happening, but with time you would notice a foul stench hanging in the air and worse would be the smell when you turn on your air conditioning system!

On multiplying, there is a high chance that they are going to spread through your entire walls, thus making the actual structural integrity of the house go down the drain. Once these animals get an idea about the kind of food that they have an easy access to, they would just keep hoarding any thing they find at any time. With all that food hoarded in the walls of your house, you would later have to deal with the problems of ant infestation, the problems of rotting food and the above mentioned problems too. With time, the smell of rotting food would attract other rodents to take abode in your house.

These squirrels may be the best and the cuddliest looking animals ever, however, they can also lead to life threatening diseases. Most of these furry creatures are known to carry rabies and they can become very vicious. Apart from these problems you would also have to deal with the stench and the problems that arise out of these animals dying within the walls of your house.

Instead of letting your house be infested by these problematic creatures, you can surely prevent all of it from happening. If these problems have already started happening, then squirrel traps and repellents that repel squirrels would be your best bet.

Alternatively, if you can spend some time and a fraction of the cost of the commercial squirrel traps and repellents, you can make a repellent or a very sturdy squirrel trap at home. All you have to do is spend some time and research over the internet, find out how to make these and ensure that you make them. In no time, you would see that these contraptions can actually help get rid of squirrels in your attic.

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Squirrel Pest Control Guide

Repel Squirrels

One Easy Way To Repel Squirrels Forever

Let’s just face it! Immaterial of how cute squirrels are, they still are the worst pests that can possibly take abode in your house. They would not only start stealing all your food, but they would multiply in their nests so fast that you would not know what hit you. With such multiplication of these pests you are invariably left to deal with their droppings and the other problems that could rise out of the food being hoarded in their nests.

Many people spend a lot of money trying to get rid of such pests. They either go to the nearby store to get hold of a squirrel repellent that may or may not work, or get squirrel traps that could be a very messy business. What such people fail to realize is that they can easily create their own repellents that would easily repel squirrels for a very long time to come.

When dealing with squirrels, you need to understand that they have a highly developed sense of smell and the smallest of nuts or food items can attract them from a very long distance. The same remains true with the use of repellents. When you follow the below mentioned tips to create your own squirrel repellent, you can send them to a very long distance from your house.

To create an effective squirrel repellent, you would need two onions, two tablespoonful of cayenne peppers powder, a handful of jalapeno peppers, two tablespoons of paprika powder and a liter of water. Next, you would have to chop all of the above mentioned vegetables and keep them together. Then take a two-quart pot and fill it to ¾ of its capacity with water. Add all the above mentioned items in the pot of water and let them boil together.

Make certain that the whole lot is boiled together for at least 30 minutes on medium flame. After thirty minutes, remove the concoction from the flame and let it cool. Once the whole solution is cooled down, you would have to strain the same and fill it in a spraying bottle. Next spray all the plants in your garden, the trees and any other nook or corner where these pests can build their nests. If you think that there is a possibility that they could build a nest in your attic, then make certain that you spray the entire attic with this particular solution.

Make certain that you use this concoction to spray those possible infestation areas every week or once in every five days. There is a high possibility that during the rainy days, the solution will become diluted when sprayed outdoors. Hence, you would have to increase the interval during which you use the solutions. Make certain that during the rainy days, you use this solution once in every two days to ensure that the squirrels do not bother you.

The power of this particular solution can be increased if you could sprinkle some cayenne pepper powder and paprika powder over the sprayed areas. This particular solution would make it unbearable for a squirrel to breathe, thus making them find other areas to nest in and thus keeping your home pest free.

In the commercial market, you could possibly locate a pest exterminator who might charge you about two hundred dollars to get rid of squirrels. The exterminator would inhumanely kill the power animals thus leaving you with a forlorn feeling. Once he rids your house of the adorable creatures, he would use the same solution that we have seen to ensure that more squirrels do not find their way to your house.

Instead of spending so much of money you could just take a trip to the vegetable store and get the above mentioned products and in just thirty minutes, you would have your own repellent that would repel squirrels immaterial of their size.

Use this repellent every week and be rid of these pests without the forlorn feeling nor the empty feeling that you could get once your wallet is cleaned out. Just remember that squirrels are also living beings, hence it would be best to repel squirrels or trap them safely and set them free in the wild than having them killed.

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Squirrel Pest Control Guide

Squirrel Removal

The Best Squirrel Removal Technique

Squirrels are very cute and in a lot of ways they easily socialize with humans especially when you have food in your hands. But when things take a turn otherwise, these cute critters can actually take a vicious form that you can never imagine. There have been news over the past that such adorable creatures were known to turn vicious and harm a lot of people fatally.

These creatures, if given a chance, can also put a person’s eye out or even spread a lot of diseases. The worst does not end there; they are also known to spread a lot of disease – when alive or dead.

There are many squirrel poisons that are available in the market are known to one of the best and effective squirrel removal techniques. However, such poisons are not only made to kill the squirrels, but if accidentally consumed by any of your other pets they could possibly die too. To avoid such problems and possible mess that can be created after the death of such pests, many manufacturers have come out with squirrel traps. If you look at the actual design of such traps, they usually look like a large spring-action mouse trap. The problem with such traps is that they are so powerful that at most times they end up splitting the animal into two!

If you do not check these traps on a regular basis, the carcass could rot and thus attract other kinds of problems. You would also have to deal with the smell of the rotting animal and also deal with maggots.

After reading till here, I am certain that you are thinking what best you could do if neither of the above can be used. Well, you can get an exterminator to take care of the squirrel removal business for you. In the bargain such an exterminator would just leave your wallet empty or perhaps rake up a huge bill for something that you could have possibly done yourself! Wondering what it is that you could possibly do yourself? Well, you can go ahead and build your own fail-proof squirrel traps or cook up a repellent that would get rid of squirrels easily. As for the actual trap, you could get the necessary items in a hardware store and construct a sturdy trap that would only trap the squirrel and not kill it.

As for the squirrel repellents, you would just have to pay a visit to the closest vegetable store to pick up some peppers and chilies and come up with a potent and very strong concoction. This particular concoction can be sprayed anywhere and even over your plants. Since such a repellent is one hundred percent chemical free and one hundred percent natural, you would not have to worry about your plants dying when they come into contact. These are any day better than buying a commercial repellent off a store. Commercial repellents are high in chemical contents that would not only repel squirrels, but would also lead to killing your plants. The worse outcome of such commercial repellents would be that if licked by your other pets they could have some very serious health problems that could even lead to their death.

Hence, if you are looking for safer alternatives to get rid of squirrels, then ensure that you do an extensive research to find out about repellents that you can make at home that are one hundred percent natural and ones that would not affect your plants or your pets. Alternatively, research and find out about traps that can be made at home that can easily capture squirrels that can later be set free in a forest.

All said and done, both traps and repellents would require some work on your part but both can be done at only a fraction of the cost of the ones that can be procured in a store or at a very less cost than getting an exterminator. The only problem with homemade repellents is that you would have to keep making them often and spray them once every three or four days. A trap, on the other hand, can be used time and again to get rid of these adorable pests without any problems.

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Squirrel Pest Control Guide

Squirrel Traps

Easy To Build Homemade Squirrel Traps

Squirrels are so cute and adorable that people like to have stuffed toys of the same in their houses. If a person finds such animals, so very cute then why not keep them as pets instead of having them as stuffed toys? Well, the simple answer to it is that they can’t be had as pets because one day or another they would show their wild streak. Worse is the fact that they multiply really fast and can turn out to become the worst pests you ever had in your house.

If you have been worried about these fast multiplying pest and thinking about getting rid of them, then you sure can find a lot of squirrel traps and squirrel poison that can do the work for you. But, if these pests have taken abode in your attic then these ready-made contraptions and poisons surely can pose a lot of problems to you. Hence, it would be best if you can make your own squirrel trap and place them in the attic to capture them safely, without creating a mess. Later you could also set them free in the wild or perhaps dispose them in a more humane manner.

To create your own squirrel traps you would need a heavy duty wire mesh, a drilling machine with metal pierce, some long nails that are about two inches in length, stove pipes that are about two and half feet in length and some food for bait.

First you would have to place the stove pipe horizontally and place a part of the wire mesh to cover the top. Once you’ve placed the mesh, fold the edges and secure them in place. This would close one end like a bottle cap with ventilation. You would have to make certain that there is no space between the mesh and the pipe else you would only feed the squirrels that would set themselves free by pushing the mesh. Make certain that you secure the folded edges and the pipe with many layers of duct tape. You could test the same by trying to pull the cap away. If it does not budge, then the cap is well secured.

On the other side of the pipe that is open, you would have to drill a hole which is about an inch in length. Now place this trap in an area where there is a lot of squirrel infestation and fasten it to a hard surface. You can have the trap fastened to the hard surface by nailing it. If you just leave the squirrel trap on the floor or on any other surface without fastening it, the squirrel would enter the pipe, eat the food and would push the pipe to its freedom! Hence make certain that the trap is well secured to a hard surface. You could either choose the attic wall, a tree or even have it nailed to a post to trap them.

Next, fill the bottom of the pipe with some nuts, corn or other food items that a squirrel might eat. The squirrel can easily enter the tube to get the food but when it tries to climb out, the slippery surface of the pipe would prevent it from coming out of it.

Once you have caught the squirrel in the trap, you would have to remove the squirrel trap from the hard surface. Next, fasten the top with another hard surface and take the entire trap to a forest or an area away from its nest and set it free.

By using this homemade trap, you would not only easily trap the squirrel, but you can also set them free in the wild for them to continue with their lives. A commercial poison would not only kill the squirrel but would also lead to infections and would spread disease if you do not get rid of the carcass on time. Other ready made traps that are available in the market would easily kill the squirrel but would make it very hard for you to clean later.

Now follow the mentioned point to the T and see how even you can get rid of such adorable pests easily and in a very humane fashion.

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Squirrel Pest Control Guide

Flying Squirrel

Things to Remember before Adopting a Pet Flying Squirrel

A flying squirrel, in a lot of ways is cuter that the usual squirrel. They are definitely hard to get but would make the most adorable pets ever. Thanks to a myriad of things, it is now possible to get a flying squirrel in any exotic pet store and also raise them as pets. If you have been thinking about getting yourself one such adorable creature, then it is time that you learn some basic facts about these squirrels and also build a nice cage for your new collection.

The most important thing that you need to realize about flying squirrels is that they are very much like a squirrel in their usual character and are slightly different from the normal ones, only with the way they move. Flying squirrels are well known for their ability to fly from one branch to another or from one tree to another to get their food. Since, these critters move a lot, it is imperative that you consider building a cage that can accommodate not only its size, but also one that would give it enough space to fly about. Since these animals have a pair of inbuilt wing kind of aperture, they use that more often than scurrying along. Hence, you would have to pay special consideration to the height and the length of the cage.

Before you actually build a cage, it would be a very good idea to pay a visit to the nearby exotic pet store to see if they have any collection of flying squirrels or if they would be able to get one for you. Always make it a point to take in only a baby flying squirrel and not an adult from the wild. Adult squirrels are very hard to train, they do not socialize much and due to the new habitat, it is probable that they might end up dead.

Fruits and nuts are the staple diet for all of these animals. These are vegetarian but are very choosy about what it is that they eat. Depending upon the area from which these animals are brought, you would have to give it a diet that is very indigenous to that particular area. If the squirrel traps that captured these animals are from the north, then you would have to find out about the diet that most of these animals depend on in that area and likewise for animals from the south.

There is a very high possibility that the usual squirrel snares that you have in your trees could end up capturing these animals. In such cases it would be in your benefit if you can handle these animals with caution. You need to remember that these animals have been in the wild all their life and have never been through the process of socializing with humans. In such cases, it would be best for you to set them free in the wild or if you are thinking of keeping them amongst your exotic animal collection, then ensure that you have a cage that is really very big and one that can let the animal fly around.

If it is captured animal then you should also remember that you can not under any circumstances try carrying it around or free it and then trying to catch it. These critters can react in the worst way ever, especially when they feel very threatened. Hence it would be in your best interest if you can construct the cage or let the animal into the cage without making any contact with it. With time, as you feed and take care of this animal, it would come to understand that you are its end all and do all and would be more wiling to accept you as apart of its life. Until that very time, it would be best for you to keep your distance and deal with these animals with utmost care.

Also, before you set up a cage for these cute little creatures, make it a point to find out about other cages that are available in the market and build one that is very sturdy and one that would suit the new pet better.

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