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General Classifications of Squirrels

You may think that there's only a single type of squirrel that's been infesting your home. However, to believe that is utterly wrong as there could be actually many types of squirrels that are infesting your home right now. It's also wrong to think that there is only one species of squirrels capable of infesting human households as all of them are capable, even the flying ones which are naturally only found in the wild forests and rarely in human homes. That's why therefore, there is a need for you to learn what are the general different types of squirrels that can be found in households and how they all normally look like for you to be able distinguish them properly each time they pay you a visit in your house. You can't be too overconfident about them do as they may be deceiving sometimes. You would be able to prevent this kind of setbacks from happening by learning more about them and applying the things you have learned into practice. Make sure that you are certain in your appropriation of the information you have acquired. Don't mistake a squirrel for a different one cause that might cost you something eventually.

The importance of knowing the general types of squirrels is simple. When you are able to identify what type of squirrel is currently infesting your house, you may be able to place the appropriate methods in order to effectively deal with them. There are certain specific approaches to each type of squirrels that infest a household and you can't just go on applying any methods at all. Doing that may mean failure on your part and squirrels that are infesting your house right now would continue to do so. Also, another important aspect in learning the general types of squirrels is for pre-emption. If you are able to forecast that type of squirrels that might enter your house, you may be able to prevent them from entering the first place. That's the main advantage when you are dealing with squirrels and you already know the general types that might come in to your encounter. Since you already the know what are the specific approaches to do, you are already assured that you will get them once and for all and even better, you will be able to keep them away without putting that much effort at all in repelling them from your house.

It's quite natural that there will be times wherein the approaches are a bit more exigent but you need to worry about that because it happens rarely. One thing as well is that since you have already learned and studied through the different general types of squirrels, you are most likely already prepared of the necessary prevention methods to be used when addressing a particular type of squirrel that is infesting your house. All you would probably have to do is to open your cabinet and take that prevention material to deal with your problem. Also there are general types of approaches that need not require specific types of squirrels to take effect. However, such approaches are less efficient and effective. Also the truly effective ones are rare and would often take extra miles to acquire.

Each type of squirrel has its own distinct characteristics that would enable you to truly and effectively identify them from the other. This is one advantage as well when you know already what type of squirrel you are already facing. To know the present type of squirrel because you already know what it looks like would also mean a faster response coming from when dealing with them. In this article we are not only going to talk about not only the types but the general classifications as well and under each classification are the types below it and a little description as to how they look like and their natural behaviors. We hope that the readers would find this piece of information useful in their attempts to get rid of the squirrel problems in their homes once and for all. After all, going through the ramifications of hiring a professional exterminator would definitely cost you a lot, so why not instead do things on yourself.

General Classifications and Types

There are actually four general classifications or groups of squirrels that are found in the world: the large tree squirrels, pine squirrels, flying squirrels and ground squirrels.

When you talk about the large tree squirrels you would be able to identify the fox squirrels as one of them. They are the most common type of large tree squirrels found in US and are also commonly found in homes dwelling and pestering human beings. They often catch the fear of a lot of people because of their somehow considerably larger sizes compared to their other relatives.

Fox squirrels are normally 18-27 inches in length measuring form nose tip to tail tip and about 787 grams. The color would however vary greatly depending on their location. For example, fox squirrels in Florida are usually all black and they would be silver-gray if they are found in Maryland.

Pine Squirrels have actually two main types of squirrels included in the group. We have the red squirrel and the Douglas pine squirrel. These two are the most common of all pine squirrel types. Pine squirrels would usually range in size from 10-15 inches and could weigh over 2/3s of a pound. Red squirrels are usually red in color and would have white underparts while the Douglass squirrels are usually grey in color with yellow underparts. These pine squirrels have small ear tufts and they also have a common black strip which separates their upper dark colors from their lightly colored bellies.

As you all commonly know there are also two main types of flying squirrels. One is the southern flying squirrels and the northern flying squirrels and they are found in the different hemispheres of the continent. It's even quite difficult to distinguish between the two but most likely, you will find one specific type of flying squirrel and identify it according to which location you have found it.
squirrel extermination