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Squirrel Unusual Behavior

You will be surprised how certain animals in the world can be capable of doing things you would not have thought at first they would do. You may assume petty little creatures like squirrels are so dumb judging from their size and in relation of that size to their brains. However, there are things that will definitely catch your attention and would definitely make you think of them otherwise and change your perspective about their intelligence. Believe it or not, some animals are capable of intellectual behaviors despite of them being just animals. You'll be surprised that eventually you will truly comprehend the extent of animal intellects in certain situations or areas.

The truth is, animals do have a miniscule amount of rationality in the things that they do. They often look like they're doing things because that's their nature but sometimes there are these actions that they take that constitute a higher degree or level of mental activity or ability. The behaviors that these animals do are somehow in response to their surrounding environment and would definitely make you think or ponder how such animals could be capable of doing such actions. One particular example is the squirrel.

You may think squirrels are pests and they are absolute nuisance to our homes, especially in terms of private residences. However, there's more to what you normally see with squirrels as they are actually capable of performing behaviors or actions that will totally stun you in awe. Squirrels are not just pest in the house but are often the most amiable domestic pets in the house if you choose to acquire one. There are certain observations that indicates the higher intellect of squirrels, especially in terms of interacting with some other animals inside the house, be it a cat or a dog, a squirrel may do so well in accommodating the inter-animal relationships between the pets inside the house.

If we are to talk about unusual behaviors in squirrel pets we may as well be inclusive of this set of questions. These questions are the ones that one would essentially ask when they are study the rationale of squirrel behaviors up close. You'll be surprise to find out about the answers to these questions in demonstration of the reported accounts of their behavior manifestations.

1. How do squirrels interact with domestic cats inside the house?

2. Do squirrels have unique interactive behaviors to its fellow squirrels?

3. How peculiar are their behavior?

4. Is there a difference in behaviors in between different types of squirrels?

These questions will be normally raised each time you try to delve deeper into the study of squirrel behavior. Hopefully, you will find the answers you're looking for in this article and eventually come in full comprehension of the squirrels' behavior. This will truly help a lot if ever you have the advocacy to protect squirrels from unwanted fatalities brought about by human greed and negligence. After all, some species of squirrels are already classified as endangered. You would do well in protecting these creatures by starting to comprehend their nature and eventually take the fight on the bigger arena.

A Squirrel to a Cat

Here's an interesting story as to how a squirrel would mercilessly tease a tied cat in a house nearby. Sometimes around summer, our neighbour tied a cat right at the porch of their house. The rope was about 10 feet long enough to grant the cat the liberty to move around in a convenient distance but still kept within the house's perimeters. That could have been a not so good idea if there was a dog around. However, there was none, only a squirrel. A squirrel was hopping across the lawn when it passed by the cat. The cat saw the squirrel as well and began dashing right at the passer-by.

When the cat dashed at the squirrel, it almost reached the squirrel. However, eventually the cat did not reach the squirrel because it ran out of rope, disabling the cat just about halfway to the where the squirrel is. Of course, the squirrel, afraid of being reached by the cat, scurried away and ran to climb up the nearest tree. The squirrel wondered why the cat did not pursue the chase; the squirrel went back down to the ground to figure out what was going on. The squirrel went towards the cat and each time the cat would dash right back at it, it would scurry back into the tree for safety. Eventually, it realized that the cat could not reach him for some reason and he began to play around with the tied cat by hopping back and forth at the cat, tormenting the poor tied feline.

Squirrels do Groom their Mates

And you think apes and humans are the only one capable of grooming routines, that's where you are wrong. Squirrels also do groom their mates. Usually female squirrels are the ones who get groomed by their male partners. This works like bidding from female squirrels to have their male mates groom them from time to time they would ask for it.

One time, there were two squirrels hopping across the power line and halted when it reached the telephone pole and straddled to sit into one side of its crossbar with its feet hanging in the air. I could tell that the one sitting is a female because it's also been nursing her young. And then the male squirrel came in and started grooming and preening the female.

Squirrels in the City

Most squirrels would scurry away if they see a cat or dog coming their way. This is usually because dogs and cats would run after the squirrels and as a defence mechanism; squirrels would certainly keep their distance from the dogs and cats and would try to keep away from human contact as well especially if there's canine companion around. However, it's a different case with city or suburban squirrels as they would like to mingle with humans especially if it would feed them.
squirrel extermination