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How Squirrels Penetrate Your Home

It's quite a big question as to how could squirrels find their way inside your house, especially if you think that your house is well garrisoned and covered with enough pest insulation. If the house is truly fortified with sufficient brick, wood and metal materials to prevent pests from entering you wouldn't expect squirrels to make any difference from all the other pests in your backyard. However, you have to understand that squirrels are quite clever and they could always find a way around your fortress and penetrate it like a piece of paper. That's how cunning they are and how quick they are in entering one's household. That's to the surprise of many homeowners in the world; they are still suffering from the problems of squirrel infestation despite their efforts to fortify their homes with sufficient fortification and pest insulation materials. It's only then that they realize that they actually need more than just material fortification to their houses, but they also need some kind of a repellent to truly keep the pest squirrels away from the house. This is the only way to prevent squirrels from every causing you any trouble inside the house. It is important that you implement one right away.

But let's go back to the question asked beforehand as to how squirrels are capable of entering a highly fortified house, granted that there's no usage of any squirrel repellents yet (as it is naturally assumed that their infiltration will be much more considerably inhibited when there are repellents applied). It is really a mind boggling question. The answer is quite simple. The answer as to why they are capable of penetrating or infiltrating the house of a homeowner is because they are quite small and they are truly small enough to fit inside the house holes that are regularly found in certain places of the house. You can't say that you're house doesn't have natural holes. You would have just said if your house doesn't have holes, there's no way that air could enter in your house. That's also like saying you live inside a safe vault, decontaminated from even the air that is necessary for us to breathe and live. While these holes exist to enable us to breath and live, it also serves as a passage route to squirrels in order to enter the house. However, that's just the general thing. There are more specific mechanisms for squirrels to really get inside the house. And that will be discussed thoroughly in this article. Hopefully, you will fully understand the ways on how a squirrel could successfully get inside your house and when you do, you will be able to do something about it by innovating the passage ways such that you will already prevent squirrels from entering them and at the same time not depriving yourself from the proper ventilation of air to breathe as you know this is quite truly important. You have to remember these key points so as not to put you and your family in serious danger.

If there are holes in your house, then squirrels would most likely find a way. Squirrels are willful animals, especially when they forage. The search for food could drive them to extend their limitations and would even decide to reach the extent of infiltrating human households to find resources. Of course, judging from a squirrel point of view, you wouldn't expect that they have deliberately planned this out. They would have probably thought that your house is some sort of another funny looking tree that would probably be the home to a lot of the things that they need, particularly food. You have to understand that the only ultimate and absolute driving force for any animal in this world is food. And when they do search for it, they would most likely go to the most unlikely places just to find them. We could even say the same thing with humans, especially when they go and starve, they would do everything that they can in their power to find food and even go to places they have never been before. They extend their coverage in order to adapt to the needs of the present time. Squirrels are not so much different as well. They would do everything they can to find food and find food they shall. We just hope we don't end up competing with them in our very own household ;-)

Now let's talk about the specific ways on how squirrels will get inside a person's house and how they are actually capable of doing certain levels of damages to our homes.


One of the specific way as to how squirrels could get inside the house is through the attic holes. The attic is normally neglected and left forlorn as no one would usually stay up the undertows of the roof of the house. It's hot and quite dark in there since it is just a small allocated portion inside the house. It would be really tight for any adult to come and stay there. You can compound that as well with the many movie and story portrayals that the attic is the home of a haunting ghost inside the house. You'd be afraid to find yourself in there. That's why more than half the time, unless it's general cleaning, only kids are found dwelling in the attic areas. So will squirrels, since they don't really find human ghost that scary. They couldn't understand even the phenomenon of the ethereal beings. So they find it truly convenient to pass through the attic windows normally situated on the rooftops. This all the more makes the entrance of squirrels convenient because the rooftop is always their access route from the tree branches to your house. Imagine, tree branches are usually swaying and reaching across the rooftops and squirrels would just have to jump over from the branches to the roof in order to reach your home. That's not really too difficult for them especially that they are more like agile leaping animals.
squirrel extermination