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The Range and Habitats of Squirrels

Naturally, squirrels all have their own natural habitats and range as to which parts of the continent they cover and which areas they are usually found. These two are crucial factors in effectively identifying the type of squirrel that is infesting your house. You have to understand that squirrels are not naturally occurring to live in human homes. They are just lost along the way that's why they found themselves in habiting a weird looking tree which happens to be your house. This is usually the case every time there is a squirrel infestation. Because they think all properties inside your house is a part of the gigantic piece of wooden tree (of which they perceive your house to be) they begin to gnaw everything in it. That's why you regularly see gnawing damages in your house furniture, properties, and electrical wiring. Because all the squirrels inside your house assumed they are made out of wood as to what they are commonly used to when they are in a tree. They also roam around as what they naturally do a lot even when they are their natural habitat. So don't blame them if they do the things that they do, they are just being what they are. The only problem to that setup is that they are definitely at the wrong place. However, you can actually be able to help to set things right for them and place them back in the right locations.

With the help of what you are going to learn from this article, you will be able to effectively identify the type of squirrel you are dealing with and where to relocate them in case you will have to relocate them in a safe place. Of course you can choose to exterminate them if your state allows you to, but it would always be better if you can save their lives at the same time get rid of them. You'll never when they might become extinct and when they do you are partly to be blamed for it because you have been less thoughtful about preserving them. Losing them as well in the entire ecological balance would definitely have its devastating negative effects and when it takes toll, it would also compromise us human beings and that wouldn't really be a good idea at all. You'll be surprised; humans are no longer on top of the food chain.

In this article, we will be discussing about the range and the natural habitats of squirrels across the state depending on what type of squirrel. This is important because it will serve as a guide to knowing where to place the squirrels properly each time you would have to relocate them far from your house so that they will never cause any property damages anymore. It is important to place them to their right locations for the obvious reasons. One there are specific environments unique to a particular type of squirrel. If you do place them wrongly, you would risk of endangering their existence; that they may not live properly, lest survive at all. It would also help to know their specific environments in order for you to implement the right habitat control methods for squirrels such that they will be prevented from ever coming back inside your house. All these considerations are important and should be underscored properly for an effective humane approach to squirrels. This should be the way to go ideally and it should not be absolute extermination. After all, squirrels have an important role in the ecosystem that we can't just disregard. Taking out even just one of them would make you an accomplice to an apathetic spree of environmental killing that has been regrettably going on since time immemorial.


One of the most common types of tree squirrels is the fox squirrels and they are usually found in the eastern and central parts of the US Continent. There are certain areas in the west that they are also found since they were also introduced to those places.

Along with the common fox squirrels are the also common eastern grey squirrels. They also happen to thread along to the same range with the fox squirrels. However, they don't occur in the western areas of the fox squirrel's ranges. Since they are eastern, they are only naturally occurring or endemic to the eastern parts of the continent.

Western grey squirrels are also strictly confined in the western areas of the states. Usually found in the west coast states and in the western Nevada areas.

Pine squirrels on the other hand are usually found in high places of the earth since these areas are the usual locations where pine trees grow. Pine trees are the natural resources for pine squirrels as their name implies. They feed on almost everything that pine tree produces. Therefore, pine squirrels are endemic in the Appalachian Mountains and the Rocky Mountain ranges. They also inhabit the west coast areas.

The common red squirrels are usually related to the coniferous forests and Douglas squirrels are naturally found in the west coast areas and in the southwestern British Columbia. They also extend to as far as the Sierras and northern parts of Baja California.

The northern flying squirrels extend in the northern parts of the Appalachian Mountain ranges and the Rockies. While the southern flying squirrels naturally occur in the central areas of the states.


Fox squirrels and grey squirrels, since they both have the same ranges, they also happen to inhabit the same type forests which are the coniferous and hardwood forests, also since these are the most common types of forests within their range. Grey squirrels have larger populations in the areas that are forested and in the certain areas where there is only a 10th that is forest covered; their populations would be the same. Tassel eared squirrels are more than half the time associated with their common tree food source Ponderosa pine. As pine squirrels they prefer a lot coniferous forests over hardwood forests.
squirrel extermination