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Flying Squirrel

Things to Remember before Adopting a Pet Flying Squirrel

A flying squirrel, in a lot of ways is cuter that the usual squirrel. They are definitely hard to get but would make the most adorable pets ever. Thanks to a myriad of things, it is now possible to get a flying squirrel in any exotic pet store and also raise them as pets. If you have been thinking about getting yourself one such adorable creature, then it is time that you learn some basic facts about these squirrels and also build a nice cage for your new collection.

The most important thing that you need to realize about flying squirrels is that they are very much like a squirrel in their usual character and are slightly different from the normal ones, only with the way they move. Flying squirrels are well known for their ability to fly from one branch to another or from one tree to another to get their food. Since, these critters move a lot, it is imperative that you consider building a cage that can accommodate not only its size, but also one that would give it enough space to fly about. Since these animals have a pair of inbuilt wing kind of aperture, they use that more often than scurrying along. Hence, you would have to pay special consideration to the height and the length of the cage.

Before you actually build a cage, it would be a very good idea to pay a visit to the nearby exotic pet store to see if they have any collection of flying squirrels or if they would be able to get one for you. Always make it a point to take in only a baby flying squirrel and not an adult from the wild. Adult squirrels are very hard to train, they do not socialize much and due to the new habitat, it is probable that they might end up dead.

Fruits and nuts are the staple diet for all of these animals. These are vegetarian but are very choosy about what it is that they eat. Depending upon the area from which these animals are brought, you would have to give it a diet that is very indigenous to that particular area. If the squirrel traps that captured these animals are from the north, then you would have to find out about the diet that most of these animals depend on in that area and likewise for animals from the south.

There is a very high possibility that the usual squirrel snares that you have in your trees could end up capturing these animals. In such cases it would be in your benefit if you can handle these animals with caution. You need to remember that these animals have been in the wild all their life and have never been through the process of socializing with humans. In such cases, it would be best for you to set them free in the wild or if you are thinking of keeping them amongst your exotic animal collection, then ensure that you have a cage that is really very big and one that can let the animal fly around.

If it is captured animal then you should also remember that you can not under any circumstances try carrying it around or free it and then trying to catch it. These critters can react in the worst way ever, especially when they feel very threatened. Hence it would be in your best interest if you can construct the cage or let the animal into the cage without making any contact with it. With time, as you feed and take care of this animal, it would come to understand that you are its end all and do all and would be more wiling to accept you as apart of its life. Until that very time, it would be best for you to keep your distance and deal with these animals with utmost care.

Also, before you set up a cage for these cute little creatures, make it a point to find out about other cages that are available in the market and build one that is very sturdy and one that would suit the new pet better.

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