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Squirrels in Attic

Problems That You Can Face When You Have Squirrels In Attic

How many times have you looked at a squirrel and gone “oh God, how cute!”? Well, they sure are cute until the time they actually stay far away from you. If they have to come to you for food and if you don’t give it, then it sure is a different story. On the other hand, if these critters have to create a nest in your own home then it sure is a ball game that you do not want to deal with.

There are many ways with which you can lure squirrels to build its nest in your house because they are so cute. However, once you have squirrels in your attic, then you would have to think about a lot of ways to get rid of them! If you already have invited such a trouble into your home or even if such critters have already invited themselves into your home, then it is time that you read the following to find out what kinds of problems you would have to face in the near and the long future once you get to have squirrels in attic.

A little after squirrels build a nest in your attic, you would first have to face the problem of dealing with the perpetual scrapping and chewing sound. Yes, that’s what squirrels do – they tend to chew and scrape off wooden or cardboard walls to find natural crevices or create crevices where they can create a secure nest for their young ones. This means, in a very short period of time, you are going to have a lot of tunnels within your walls and in your attic!

Once they finish creating crevices and building nests, they would start stealing food and hoarding it for their future. The more food gets stolen, the bigger they get. The bigger they get, then more food is consumed and more droppings come out of these adorable creatures. In just a very short period of time, the immediate surroundings of these animals are covered with droppings. Once that place is full, these critters would move to other areas of your house to create a new toilet. Initially you would not be able to detect such happening, but with time you would notice a foul stench hanging in the air and worse would be the smell when you turn on your air conditioning system!

On multiplying, there is a high chance that they are going to spread through your entire walls, thus making the actual structural integrity of the house go down the drain. Once these animals get an idea about the kind of food that they have an easy access to, they would just keep hoarding any thing they find at any time. With all that food hoarded in the walls of your house, you would later have to deal with the problems of ant infestation, the problems of rotting food and the above mentioned problems too. With time, the smell of rotting food would attract other rodents to take abode in your house.

These squirrels may be the best and the cuddliest looking animals ever, however, they can also lead to life threatening diseases. Most of these furry creatures are known to carry rabies and they can become very vicious. Apart from these problems you would also have to deal with the stench and the problems that arise out of these animals dying within the walls of your house.

Instead of letting your house be infested by these problematic creatures, you can surely prevent all of it from happening. If these problems have already started happening, then squirrel traps and repellents that repel squirrels would be your best bet.

Alternatively, if you can spend some time and a fraction of the cost of the commercial squirrel traps and repellents, you can make a repellent or a very sturdy squirrel trap at home. All you have to do is spend some time and research over the internet, find out how to make these and ensure that you make them. In no time, you would see that these contraptions can actually help get rid of squirrels in your attic.

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