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One Easy Way To Repel Squirrels Forever

Let’s just face it! Immaterial of how cute squirrels are, they still are the worst pests that can possibly take abode in your house. They would not only start stealing all your food, but they would multiply in their nests so fast that you would not know what hit you. With such multiplication of these pests you are invariably left to deal with their droppings and the other problems that could rise out of the food being hoarded in their nests.

Many people spend a lot of money trying to get rid of such pests. They either go to the nearby store to get hold of a squirrel repellent that may or may not work, or get squirrel traps that could be a very messy business. What such people fail to realize is that they can easily create their own repellents that would easily repel squirrels for a very long time to come.

When dealing with squirrels, you need to understand that they have a highly developed sense of smell and the smallest of nuts or food items can attract them from a very long distance. The same remains true with the use of repellents. When you follow the below mentioned tips to create your own squirrel repellent, you can send them to a very long distance from your house.

To create an effective squirrel repellent, you would need two onions, two tablespoonful of cayenne peppers powder, a handful of jalapeno peppers, two tablespoons of paprika powder and a liter of water. Next, you would have to chop all of the above mentioned vegetables and keep them together. Then take a two-quart pot and fill it to ¾ of its capacity with water. Add all the above mentioned items in the pot of water and let them boil together.

Make certain that the whole lot is boiled together for at least 30 minutes on medium flame. After thirty minutes, remove the concoction from the flame and let it cool. Once the whole solution is cooled down, you would have to strain the same and fill it in a spraying bottle. Next spray all the plants in your garden, the trees and any other nook or corner where these pests can build their nests. If you think that there is a possibility that they could build a nest in your attic, then make certain that you spray the entire attic with this particular solution.

Make certain that you use this concoction to spray those possible infestation areas every week or once in every five days. There is a high possibility that during the rainy days, the solution will become diluted when sprayed outdoors. Hence, you would have to increase the interval during which you use the solutions. Make certain that during the rainy days, you use this solution once in every two days to ensure that the squirrels do not bother you.

The power of this particular solution can be increased if you could sprinkle some cayenne pepper powder and paprika powder over the sprayed areas. This particular solution would make it unbearable for a squirrel to breathe, thus making them find other areas to nest in and thus keeping your home pest free.

In the commercial market, you could possibly locate a pest exterminator who might charge you about two hundred dollars to get rid of squirrels. The exterminator would inhumanely kill the power animals thus leaving you with a forlorn feeling. Once he rids your house of the adorable creatures, he would use the same solution that we have seen to ensure that more squirrels do not find their way to your house.

Instead of spending so much of money you could just take a trip to the vegetable store and get the above mentioned products and in just thirty minutes, you would have your own repellent that would repel squirrels immaterial of their size.

Use this repellent every week and be rid of these pests without the forlorn feeling nor the empty feeling that you could get once your wallet is cleaned out. Just remember that squirrels are also living beings, hence it would be best to repel squirrels or trap them safely and set them free in the wild than having them killed.

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