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How to Get Rid of Squirrels


There are quite a lot of theories on how various chemicals in the soil and the toxic gas in the air is slowly affecting the squirrel population. Immaterial of what is being stated, squirrels may be those furry little adorable creatures but at any given point, these adorable creatures can be the worst problems you could ever face. They may not pose a problem when they are in their natural habitat, however, we the “powerful and greedy” species, need more and have slowly depleted the natural habitat that all of these critters live in.

When they have nowhere else to go they turn to our habitats to create a world for themselves. They would encroach your house without your permission and would start multiplying like no one’s business. With more squirrels, you can be rest assured that you can face a lot of problems. Worse, is the health problem is that these adorable creatures can bring.

Since these animals are wild, there is no way in heaven or hell that you can have them neutered or vaccinated. In such cases, multiplication of these animals is inevitable and so is the fact that more diseases can spread. If you have been thinking about how to get rid of squirrels from encroaching your home and endangering your lives, then it is time that you read the following.

One of the best ways to stop these critters from entering your home is to get some repellent that is special designed to repel squirrels. Most of the squirrel repellents that you find on the shelves are usually chemical based, but if you take the time and look then you can find few repellents that are one hundred percent natural. Such natural products are usually more expensive than the chemical based repellents. Hence, it would be a good idea to make a repellent at home. A mixture of cayenne pepper powder, jalapeno chilies, paprika powder and onions made into a concoction with one liter of water should actually do the trick. Such repellents are not that very popular because you would have to use them once in every four days if you do not want your house to be infested.

The next best thing that you can look for to get rid of squirrels would be to buy squirrel traps or snares. There are many varieties that are available in the market and the most famous would be a spring-action trap which looks very much like a mouse trap. The only problem with such traps is that they can actually cut the animal into two, especially if the power of the spring action is pretty high. Alternatively, you can also make such traps from your home and not worry about spending too much of money on something that can be made at home.

The other best and easy ting that you can do is to get your hands on a lot of steel wool that would be readily available in any hardware store. All you would have to do is look at the places that could be the probable entry points for these critters and have them plugged with the steel wool. Before you block all the entry holes, it would be an even better idea to actually get your hands on some paprika powder, sprinkle the wool fillings with it and then stuff it into the entry points. This would not only prevent squirrels from entering your home, but would also ensure that they are repelled by the smell of the paprika powder.

At any given point of time, the best answer to how to get rid of squirrels would lay in the direction of using a squirrel trap. These contraptions will help you capture them easily and then set them free in a forest or some area that is far away from your house. The problem with a repellent is that you would have to keep spraying it ever so often and more so during rainy seasons. As for the steel wool, it sure does make ones work very easy, but you would still be bothered by these critters when they ransack your garbage can and create a mess in your garden.

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