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Squirrel Problems

Put A Stop To Squirrel Problems With A Homemade Squirrel Trap

Squirrels may be considered as the cutest amongst all animals in the animal kingdom but once they start building a nest in your own home or start their frequent visits to carry away your food, the kind of squirrel problems that you may have to face would become totally unbearable. If you have been thinking of ways to get rid of such pests from taking abode in your house then you have come to the right place. Here you are going to find out about one easy way to be rid of all the squirrel problems that you are currently facing or one that you may have to face very soon – the answer would be an easy to build homemade squirrel trap.

There are many commercial squirrel traps available in the market right now. The only problem is that these traps are not guaranteed to work and certain traps can not be used after sometime, since the spring action being used in such traps gives way easily. So what we are going to do is build a squirrel trap that is not only sturdy but also one that would last a very long time.

For building a squirrel trap, you would need metal sheets that are about four to five millimeters thick and about 2 feet in length. It would be best not to use wood or cardboard to build this particular trap since the squirrels can easily chew their way through with such materials. You would also need a two to four inch long stick to be placed as a notch-stick in the trap. You would also need a soldering machine and lead sticks to secure the trap.

Once you have procured the above mentioned materials, you would then have to go ahead and cut the 2 feet long metal sheet into six pieces to create a box. It would be best if you can make a rectangular box on the smaller scale so that the captured squirrel doesn’t try escaping and hurt itself badly. Once you have cut the metal sheet, you would then have to place the two side walls, the rear wall and the bottom wall together and solder them into place. Next, place the top wall and solder that into place.

Before you go about fixing the front wall, you would have to cut out a square piece right in the middle. On the rear side of the square piece, you would have to stick a stone or a thick metallic block to ensure that the door stays shut after the notch-stick is tripped. On the other end of the door, fold the edges to make it look like a hinge and have it fixed to the front wall. The door that is fastened to the front wall should open easily but once closed it would have to require more force to open and it should be fixed in a way that it can be opened only from the outside.

Once the door is fastened on to the front wall, just go ahead and have the front wall soldered to trap. Now place some food in the trap and leave the trap door open by placing a notch-stick between the door and the base. On smelling the food, a squirrel would definitely find its way to the trap. By getting into this homemade trap the squirrel would trip the notch-stick and would cage itself. The metallic block placed on the rear side of the trap door would ensure that the squirrel does not open the door with its claws from within.

Once you trap a squirrel, you can always take it to a far of place or perhaps set it free in a forest. This particular trap is very easy to make and it is so sturdy that you can use it time and again. It would also be a good idea not only to make the trap on a smaller scale but it would also be a great idea if you can bore some holes on the walls of the squirrel traps to ensure that a squirrel caught in the trap does not die of suffocation.

Now follow these tips to the T and be relieved of all your squirrel problems easily.

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