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Ideas To Protect Your Bird Feeder

It is with immense pride that we build our very own and our very first bird feeder. It is such a great feeling to watch birds actually take food and rest in the feeder that we made. Sadly, such beautiful creatures are put at peril when those cuddly critters the squirrels climb those heights to disturb the birds and take their food. This is not just the problem with the bird feeders that we make so carefully at home, but this particular problem also exists with bird feeders that can be bought in a store. This particular problem exists because there are no good squirrel busters placed in these feeders.

So you can now actually create an amazing bird feeder with an idea that could be the best squirrel stopper ever and that this particular contraption is made only to feed the little birdies and not the uninvited furry creatures.

To protect your bird feeder, you would first have to make certain that the feeder is not found anywhere where a squirrel lives or frequents. In most cases, your entire garden could be infested by these animals hence having a feeder anywhere in the garden can pose a problem to having a bird feeder erected. In such a case, you could actually have the feeder erected in the middle of the garden on a very high pole.

It would be best if the pole is retractable or one that can be fixed on top of each other. This would not only be a very good idea to stop the squirrels from entering the bird feeder, but it would also ensure that once the food is over in the feeder, you can retract the entire pole, place some more food in the feeder and then raise it back again.

When you place such feeder on top of a very high pole, you can be rest assured that the slipperiness of the pole does not allow the squirrel to climb on to the feeder. Even if the squirrel does try very hard, it may reach few feet above the ground but not the actual feeder itself. This would be one of the most effective ways to squirrel proof your bird feeder. Many people state that it looks quite nice to have the bird feeder hang off a tree. The problem with such ideas is that squirrels get an easy footing to launch themselves with the n number of branches that can be found on a tree. With the ropes actually holding the feeder, then can easily climb down the ropes and get the food from the feeder.

The best accompanying idea to go with the squirrel stopper in your bird feeder would be to dust a lot of paprika or jalapeno pepper powder on the poles before erecting the bird feeder. These ingredients from the kitchen are some of the best repellents that can keep squirrels away. The spiciness of the actual peppers would irritate these furry animals’ nostrils that they do not wish to climb on to it anymore. Just make certain that, during rainy days, you mix these powders in some water and spray them onto the pole.

One of the other ways to protect your bird feeder would be to take some of the urine of a predator and spray it at the bottom of the pole on which the feeder is placed. The best of urine would belong to both the canine and the feline family. Not that I am asking you to get the excretion of a tiger or a wolf. If you do get them, then it is good for you, else just be happy with that of a dog or a cats. You may find it hard to get the urine of cats, but you can actually take the used lumps from the cat litter pot and have it scattered around the pole. Once a squirrel gets the smell of a predator, you can be rest assured that they never come near the bird feeder again because they are always worried about the proximity of such predators. This idea would not only squirrel proof your bird feeder but would also repel and prevent these animals from coming into your garden ever again.

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