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Squirrels definitely are very adorable creatures. As long as they live their life in the wild or perhaps in the park, then they would definitely remain adorable. But once they take abode in your house then they sure can become a problem that you had ever experienced. The problems that these cuddly critters can pose start in your garden. They would not only go ahead and dig everywhere but they would also go to the extent of getting into the bird feed. After a while the bird feeder would no longer be for the birds but for these uninvited critters that have taken abode easily.

If you have been facing such problems, then you sure can get a whole lot of squirrel poison; the only problem being such poison can actually harm other animals and also kill the birds that get fed in the feeder. Squirrel traps, also have their own problems, and if not used correctly they would leave you with much more work of cleaning the trap that had accidentally severed the squirrel into two.

With problems that can arise out of every single method that can possibly rid your home of these pesky pests, you sure are wondering what it is that you can do then! Well, the best answer to such a thought would be to prepare your own squirrel deterrent. With the following tips, even you can create such deterrents from your kitchen and get rid of these creatures forever.

The first set of ingredients that you can use from your kitchen would be nutmeg and cinnamons. All you would have to do is dry blend both these items in a food processor and dust them over areas that are frequently visited by these animals. You can also mix jalapeno powder or paprika powder to the cinnamon mixture and you can be rest assured that these animals never come into your home again.

If you have a big dog at home or an animal that could be a probable predator of these critters, you can try getting their urine in a container and have it sprayed around your house. If you wish for this particular squirrel deterrent to be more effective, then make certain that you collect a large quantity of the same and store it for a week or two in an airtight container. The longer it remains in the container the more unbearable the smell would become. The stronger the smell is, the more worried would be these pesky visitors, because they are always cautious about such predators that can harm them. Since this particular deterrent can be sprayed around, you would not have to worry about using it frequently even during rainy days.

Apart from these, you could also boil a liter of water with onions, jalapeno peppers, paprika along with more jalapeno and paprika powder. You would have to boil the whole concoction really well until the time it become a very thick broth that can be lifted only with a spoon. Let the mixture boil longer and let it become thicker. Later, spread the same on a flat surface and let it cool down. Once it is cold, you could cut them into half-inch pieces and places them in various crevices and branches of all the trees in your garden. The pungent smell that emanates from these cubes would keep the squirrels at bay.

If you are wondering if there would be an easier way to deal with these animals, then I have to assure you that you can definitely find some commercial squirrel deterrents easily. These deterrents come in powder form that can be dusted anywhere, concentrate liquid form that can be diluted and sprayed anywhere and also as blocks that can be placed anywhere to deter these pesky animals.

If truth be said, these little furry creatures sure are cute but in a lot of ways are problematic. Apart from them just taking over your house, you would also have to deal with the various kinds of diseases that they would spread and also deal with their temperament. To save your self from all of this, it would be in your best interest to find a good squirrel deterrent and keep these animals at bay.

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