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Squirrel Traps

Easy To Build Homemade Squirrel Traps

Squirrels are so cute and adorable that people like to have stuffed toys of the same in their houses. If a person finds such animals, so very cute then why not keep them as pets instead of having them as stuffed toys? Well, the simple answer to it is that they can’t be had as pets because one day or another they would show their wild streak. Worse is the fact that they multiply really fast and can turn out to become the worst pests you ever had in your house.

If you have been worried about these fast multiplying pest and thinking about getting rid of them, then you sure can find a lot of squirrel traps and squirrel poison that can do the work for you. But, if these pests have taken abode in your attic then these ready-made contraptions and poisons surely can pose a lot of problems to you. Hence, it would be best if you can make your own squirrel trap and place them in the attic to capture them safely, without creating a mess. Later you could also set them free in the wild or perhaps dispose them in a more humane manner.

To create your own squirrel traps you would need a heavy duty wire mesh, a drilling machine with metal pierce, some long nails that are about two inches in length, stove pipes that are about two and half feet in length and some food for bait.

First you would have to place the stove pipe horizontally and place a part of the wire mesh to cover the top. Once you’ve placed the mesh, fold the edges and secure them in place. This would close one end like a bottle cap with ventilation. You would have to make certain that there is no space between the mesh and the pipe else you would only feed the squirrels that would set themselves free by pushing the mesh. Make certain that you secure the folded edges and the pipe with many layers of duct tape. You could test the same by trying to pull the cap away. If it does not budge, then the cap is well secured.

On the other side of the pipe that is open, you would have to drill a hole which is about an inch in length. Now place this trap in an area where there is a lot of squirrel infestation and fasten it to a hard surface. You can have the trap fastened to the hard surface by nailing it. If you just leave the squirrel trap on the floor or on any other surface without fastening it, the squirrel would enter the pipe, eat the food and would push the pipe to its freedom! Hence make certain that the trap is well secured to a hard surface. You could either choose the attic wall, a tree or even have it nailed to a post to trap them.

Next, fill the bottom of the pipe with some nuts, corn or other food items that a squirrel might eat. The squirrel can easily enter the tube to get the food but when it tries to climb out, the slippery surface of the pipe would prevent it from coming out of it.

Once you have caught the squirrel in the trap, you would have to remove the squirrel trap from the hard surface. Next, fasten the top with another hard surface and take the entire trap to a forest or an area away from its nest and set it free.

By using this homemade trap, you would not only easily trap the squirrel, but you can also set them free in the wild for them to continue with their lives. A commercial poison would not only kill the squirrel but would also lead to infections and would spread disease if you do not get rid of the carcass on time. Other ready made traps that are available in the market would easily kill the squirrel but would make it very hard for you to clean later.

Now follow the mentioned point to the T and see how even you can get rid of such adorable pests easily and in a very humane fashion.

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