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Problems You Can Face With Squirrel Poison

Squirrels are definitely adorable to look at, even better is the fact that they would actually make some really cute pets. However, a full grown adult squirrel can never be made into a pet because it has always lived on the wild side and definitely would not prefer being domesticated. In such a case you would have to raise a squirrel that was abandoned by its mother. Finding one such squirrel maybe a problem, hence, many people let these cuddly furry creatures take abode in their home not knowing what it is that they are signing up for.

The moment a squirrel starts building a nest in a person’s house, the very first reaction is that of utmost ecstasy and it is even better to look at kids’ face when these animals scurry around with their tiny little paws. Just to keep the kids happy, most parents say yes to these animals and later have to face quite a lot of problems, especially when the squirrel starts multiplying and building a colony in the ventilation pipes and the attic. Once a colony is built, it sure would become a problem to get rid of them.

First, you would also have to deal with the problem of cleaning their mess from within the ventilation pipes and having your walls sprayed with medicines to keep ants and termites away. Since, squirrels hoard food, the hoarded food attracts other creatures to build a nest. In no time your house would not longer be a sanctuary for you, rather a sanctuary for every other creature in the animal or the insect kingdom.

There are many squirrel poisons that are available out there which are quite effective when it comes to getting rid of these furry creatures. A squirrel poison would not only take care of killing the existing critters in your house but would keep the other wild and live ones from entering your house. Such poisons are available in both powder and liquid form and both are proven to be effective with regular use. However, there are some problems that you would have to be forewarned about when dealing with such products.

Currently you can find a chemical based poison or a natural squirrel poison. If you had to choose on that is one hundred percent natural then you should be prepared to spend a bit more money than the chemical based products.

The first problem that you can face with such chemical based poison is that they can be injurious to your own health. At many times, you would end up buying a product to which your body may have an allergic reaction to, and still keep using it, not knowing that the reaction is because of using that particular product. With continuous use of the same, there is a very high possibility that your body can react in the most adverse way.

Such poison would also definitely affect your plants and reduce their life expectancy. All chemical based poisons have to be sprayed liberally on all the plants in the garden to not only kill the critters but also prevent others from getting into your premises. The chemicals found in these poisons are in no way good for your plants, meaning – in a very short period of time, you would find your plants wilting and dying and you would not know what hit them. With continuous usage of the product, you would even corrupt the soil and make it unfit for any more plants to grow.

Off all the problems, the worst that you can face would be the accidental death of your other pets that may come into contact with such chemicals. Cats and dogs are known to eat grass or leaves of plants with medicinal value. When you spray squirrel poison, your cat or dog has a higher chance of ingesting the chemicals and facing a lot of health problems.

If you think that the above mentioned problems are more than enough to keep you away from chemical products, then it is time that you looked for a one hundred percent natural poison. Alternatively, you could get a trap to catch these animals safely and later set them free in the wild.

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