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Humane Ways To Get Rid Of Squirrels Without A Squirrel Exterminator

If you are on this page, reading this very article, then I am certain that you have come to understand how painful it can be when squirrels infest your home and you sure are looking for ways to get rid of these once adorable critters without the assistance of a squirrel exterminator. There was a time when you found these animals absolutely adorable but now it is you who has to deal with cleaning after these critters, having to bear with the foul shit smell that comes out of the ventilation, get a vent cleaning company to clean it all out.

The next problem that you are most probably facing is that, these critters are again slowly finding their way into your home and that is scaring the living day lights out of you because have you already learnt about things the hard way when they took abode in your ventilation. You are also possibly thinking of getting a squirrel exterminator this time, but again, you are having second thoughts because it just sounds very cruel.

So what can you do? You can’t just live with them and the problems they are going to create once again now can you?

I know these questions have been raking you for so long that you have now decided to find a way to get rid of them once in for all, but in a more humane fashion. One of the best things that you can find in the market would be a very effective squirrel repellent. The only problem is that most of these repellents are usually chemical based and can create a lot of after-effects. You could possibly face respiratory problems, have your plants killed with the intensity of the chemical composition found in these repellents or perhaps even kill your pets if they accidentally lick it after it is sprayed on the plants. You can also make your own repellent, but where is the time to sit and make the repellent and surely where is the time to sit and spray it every day when the rain starts pouring?

Many people would say that the best way to get these animals not to enter your house would be to plug all their entry points with a whole lot of steel wool. The only problem with such wool is that, if they are not handled carefully, they can definitely harm you. In the worst case scenario, if the wool is not covered with plywood on both sides, the squirrel might try entering your house through the steel wool, get itself mangled and die. You would again be left with the smell of rotting flesh and then cleaning it would be yet another hassle.

Hence, it would be in the best interest of you and the squirrels that you find squirrel traps to get rid of these critters in the most humane fashion. There are many squirrel traps that are available in the market, but just make certain that you do not get the ones that look like a spring-action mouse trap because it could definitely be the worst end for any squirrel.

This is what squirrel control is all about ladies and gentlemen.

Apart from these horrible squirrel traps, you can definitely find ones that are box shaped and are easy to use. There are ones that have a trap door and ones that have trap doors and notch sticks. Depending upon your budget and the one that you like, it would be best to get couple of these traps. You would also have to ensure that these traps are not too big since a trapped squirrel would invariably try to escape and would move around a lot, thus hurting itself. Once you trap a squirrel, you can always take them to a nearby forest or reserve and set them free.

Once these critters find a way in to their natural habitat, you would not have to worry anymore because they would invariably start their life all over again and that too without interfering in yours. All, you would have to do now is look for a good squirrel trap or perhaps make your own and be rid of these creatures for ever – without employing an inhumane squirrel exterminator.

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