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Prevent Squirrels From Building A Nest In Your House

Squirrels sure are those cute little furry creatures that look absolutely adorable until the time they take abode in your house. Once they build a nest in your house, there sure are a lot of problems that you need to worry about. If you have been thinking how best you can get rid of such adorable creatures or even prevent them from building a nest in your house, then you sure have come to the right place. Here you are going to find some really easy and cost effective methods that you can undertake to get rid of such creatures.

Before we look at some easy ways to prevent squirrels from taking abode in your house, we would first have to understand what we are up against. Once a squirrel takes abode in your house, you can be rest assured that you can face a lot of cleaning problems. Squirrels like all other rodents would not only nest in a secure place but would hoard its food in crevices on the walls, of some hole or another in your home - this would later lead to ant infestation.

Worse is the problem of cleaning squirrels droppings. Just like rats squirrels would go ahead and excrete in every single place. One fine day you can be rest assured to find all your vents clogged and the most putrid smell emanating from your ventilation.

You would also face the problems of having to deal with squirrels multiplying really fast. If it is a domesticated animal, then you can be assured that you can have them neutered to prevent these animals from multiplying, but if they are wild squirrels that are taking abode in your house then it sure can become a problem. More squirrels would translate to more squirrels droppings and more squirrels droppings would lead to more putrid smell through your ventilation.

Apart from increasing squirrel population and smell you would also have to worry about the various diseases these furry creatures carry. Be it while being alive or dead, these creatures are known to be a breeding spot for a lot of diseases. These animals are territorial and aggressive and are also known to carry rabies.

Hence to avoid all of the above mentioned problems, you could undertake one preventive measure to ensure that these animals do not build a nest and multiply in your house. First off, you would have to scan your entire house and find out if there are any entry ways for these animals. If there are any entry points then it is time that you have them closed. On the exterior side of the hole, you would use a thick plywood block or even heavy duty plaster to cover the hole. Next you would have to get a whole lot of steel wool that you can get in any hardware store and plug the holes with it. To make this preventive measure more effective, you can sprinkle a lot of paprika or cayenne pepper powder on the wool and then stuff it.

Once the stuffing is complete, you can then go ahead and cover the inner area of the wall with plywood and then apply plaster or putty before you go ahead and paint the wall. You would have to ensure that you take care of all the entry points in your house.

The above mentioned preventive tip surely can take care of squirrel proofing your house, but If your garden and your dumpster are being ransacked by these animals on a regular basis, then it is time that you did an extensive research to find out about various squirrel traps that you can build to capture these animals. Alternatively you could also look for repellents that repel squirrel.

You can either make them at home or perhaps buy them from a store easily. I always recommend making the repellent at home because you would not only be able to prevent the squirrels from entering your property but also ensure that they do not harm your plants. Most commercial repellents have a lot of chemicals that would not only harm your plants but would also harm your other pets at times.

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