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The Best Squirrel Removal Technique

Squirrels are very cute and in a lot of ways they easily socialize with humans especially when you have food in your hands. But when things take a turn otherwise, these cute critters can actually take a vicious form that you can never imagine. There have been news over the past that such adorable creatures were known to turn vicious and harm a lot of people fatally.

These creatures, if given a chance, can also put a person’s eye out or even spread a lot of diseases. The worst does not end there; they are also known to spread a lot of disease – when alive or dead.

There are many squirrel poisons that are available in the market are known to one of the best and effective squirrel removal techniques. However, such poisons are not only made to kill the squirrels, but if accidentally consumed by any of your other pets they could possibly die too. To avoid such problems and possible mess that can be created after the death of such pests, many manufacturers have come out with squirrel traps. If you look at the actual design of such traps, they usually look like a large spring-action mouse trap. The problem with such traps is that they are so powerful that at most times they end up splitting the animal into two!

If you do not check these traps on a regular basis, the carcass could rot and thus attract other kinds of problems. You would also have to deal with the smell of the rotting animal and also deal with maggots.

After reading till here, I am certain that you are thinking what best you could do if neither of the above can be used. Well, you can get an exterminator to take care of the squirrel removal business for you. In the bargain such an exterminator would just leave your wallet empty or perhaps rake up a huge bill for something that you could have possibly done yourself! Wondering what it is that you could possibly do yourself? Well, you can go ahead and build your own fail-proof squirrel traps or cook up a repellent that would get rid of squirrels easily. As for the actual trap, you could get the necessary items in a hardware store and construct a sturdy trap that would only trap the squirrel and not kill it.

As for the squirrel repellents, you would just have to pay a visit to the closest vegetable store to pick up some peppers and chilies and come up with a potent and very strong concoction. This particular concoction can be sprayed anywhere and even over your plants. Since such a repellent is one hundred percent chemical free and one hundred percent natural, you would not have to worry about your plants dying when they come into contact. These are any day better than buying a commercial repellent off a store. Commercial repellents are high in chemical contents that would not only repel squirrels, but would also lead to killing your plants. The worse outcome of such commercial repellents would be that if licked by your other pets they could have some very serious health problems that could even lead to their death.

Hence, if you are looking for safer alternatives to get rid of squirrels, then ensure that you do an extensive research to find out about repellents that you can make at home that are one hundred percent natural and ones that would not affect your plants or your pets. Alternatively, research and find out about traps that can be made at home that can easily capture squirrels that can later be set free in a forest.

All said and done, both traps and repellents would require some work on your part but both can be done at only a fraction of the cost of the ones that can be procured in a store or at a very less cost than getting an exterminator. The only problem with homemade repellents is that you would have to keep making them often and spray them once every three or four days. A trap, on the other hand, can be used time and again to get rid of these adorable pests without any problems.

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