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Amazing Squirrel Buster Ideas to Bust The Furry Friends Out Of Their Hiding

Did you think that squirrels could be the most harmless creatures and let them take abode in your house? After so many months of silence, are you facing various kinds of problems that you never foresaw and now are you also facing a situation where you would have to vacate your house because these furry creatures have infested your house? Are you looking for ways that can help you bust squirrels from their hiding places in your walls? Then I should tell you that you have come to the right place where you can find the answers to locate some of the best squirrel busters that can help you with your squirrel infestation problems.

As for the very first squirrel buster idea, you would have to take along vacation and hire a squirrel exterminator who would be able to smoke the entire house and the walls and get rid of these squirrels. They could either use poisonous gas to kill these animals on the spot or even use some harmless smoke creating agent that would be pumped into the walls to just scare these animals out of their hiding. Once, they are evicted from their hiding, the exterminators are known to capture them with various contraptions in a safe manner and then release them in the wilderness so that they do not come back into your neighborhood or your house.

The horrible part is when these exterminators actually use poisonous gas as squirrel busters. There is a high possibility that some of these animals could be dead in the vents that are inaccessible by these people, thus letting their flesh rot in the system. Hence, before you get such services, make certain that you find out before hand as to what kind of gassing method they would undertake to bust squirrels from their hiding. If you wish to bust squirrels from their hiding all by yourself, then it would be a good idea to find out about the various precautionary measure that you would have to undertake to protect yourself from the harmful smoke that is to be used to bust these animals.

Alternatively, you could actually raise a cat in your house. The smell of the cat and most importantly the smell of its urine sure is to repel squirrels. A cat is the worst predator that a squirrel could ever face and thus the smell of its urine would actually show squirrels that the predator is somewhere very close by and thus make them leave their hiding places. If raising such cats is something that you are not looking forward to then get the help of your friends who own cats. All they would have to do is donate the cat litter that has been used. Remove the lumps of feces from the cat litter and just take the wet areas that have the urine of the cat. Later soak these lumps of urine with the litter absorbent material in water and then strain the whole solution. Once you separate the liquid from the mush, you could have it filled in a sprayer and use it to spray all over your garden and other entry points in your house.

If you wish to find the best of squirrel buster that can be used within your house, then you need not look any further than your dog or that of your friend’s. Remember, that dogs like all other animals secrete a lot of oils and these oils protect their skin and the coat and when you brush your dog, these oils get stuck to the loose fur that comes off with the brush. All you would have to do is make certain that you collect a lot of such fur and place it in all the exit points that lead into you rooms and especially the exit that leads to your kitchen. If the squirrel nest is in a visible place, then make certain that you place the fur near the nest. On getting the smell of dogs from the fur, the squirrels would definitely make a hasty retreat and never come back into your house again.

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