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Some Of The Best Squirrel Evictors That You Can Come Up With

If you had thought that squirrels were one of the most harmless and the cutest of all creatures and if you had left them into your house, I am certain that you sure are facing a lot of problems right now. Apart from the unknown problems that they can pose, these animals are well known for their vicious character that is known to have harmed a lot of humans. If you have unknowingly let these furry creatures into your house and not sure how best you can get rid of them then it is time that you read the following. Here, you are going to find out about some of the easy to procure squirrel evictors in the market or even find certain things in your home, that can help evict squirrels easily.

As for the very first item that you can get to evict squirrels from your house, you would have to pay a visit to the closest hardware or electrical store and locate a high intensity strobe light. These lights are some of the well known squirrel evictors in the market. The large sized probe lights sure are expensive but if you take the time to find smaller ones then you sure can find them at very cost effective rates. All you would have to do is place these lights in all the entry points to your home through which these animals gain access. The high intensity of the light would easily deter these animals since they are known to irritate their sight.

You could alternatively place a lot of moth balls mixed with paprika powder in the entry point. This would ensure that the squirrels’ nostrils are irritated to such an extent that they never come back into your house again. Also, make certain that you periodically fix all the cracks on the walls of your home so that these animals do not build a nest in the cracks or use the cracks to make tunnels in your walls and then build the nest. What you should do is stuff these cracks with a lot of steel wool and mix it with the same paprika powder, stuff it into the walls and then use plaster to cover the cracks.

Before you think about evicting squirrels from your house, you would have to ensure that they do not gain access to your house. The best way with which these animals gain access into your house is through the thick branches from the trees that lead to your balcony, you windows or even directly to the attic. Remember that these animals are capable of jumping and clearing a distance of 5 feet very easily. Hence, always make it a point to keep the branches well trimmed at all times, so that these animals do not use them as launch pads to gain access into your house.

It would also be a very good idea to keep any kind of food items away from their access. Squirrels tend to go to a particular place or even build a nest only if the source of the food is somewhere close by. It would be a good idea to store bird seeds, processed dog foods and any other edible item in a very secure place. Once, these animals can’t get access to such food items they would start looking elsewhere and with time, even move their nests to other locations. Also make certain that you do not keep any wood piles in open areas since this would not only help squirrels move around but also give them another opportunity to build a nest.

Be sure to use squirrel repellents and squirrels traps that are available in the market to evict squirrels from your home. Once you capture a squirrel in the traps, all you would have to do is set them free in the wilderness so that they build a nest in the forest and move on with their lives. Repellents on the other hand would just ensure that these animals do not come to the place where they can smell the repellent which means, you would have to place quite a lot of them all over your garden and your house.

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